Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Another week gone again. WOW! It was a busy as usual around our little neck of the woods. Wednesday I helped HB get the windows in the new addition along with the patio door. It is finally taking shape over. Thursday I had a class to teach. It was so much fun telling all the ladies all the exciting news I had learned while I was away. Friday morning I opened my shop and was very busy as I had not been open to the public for a little while and it was like they were all waiting for me to open again.(what a good feeling) Friday afternoon I took the girls into the city to go to the annual "Bows of Holly" Which is a local city business that sells housewares and she rents a spot every year and decorates every room in the building with a differant theme Christmas tree and the room as well. You can buy right off the tress (but we don't buy to much as they are very expensive) But We do enjoy going to see the beautiful trees all decked out. We did pick up a few decorations for the tree and were happy with our puraches.
We then went to the grocery store there to pick up a few of the specials they had on. We get the flyer but don't often get to go there because it is so far away and with the price of gas we would not be saving.
Next stop was the bulk barn to pick up my brown sugar supply for winter. The girls bought some little penny candy to have for a snack on the way home. We stopped for a special treat for supper at KFC for a bucket of chicken.
Then back home to get HB fed before heading to work for the start of his 5 night shifts.
I tucked in early last evening with my new book and soon found my eyes getting very tired.
We were up early this morning and HB got home around 8. We had oatmeal muffins for breakfast (a great recipe from a good blogging friend) I served apple sauce with it and toast. The weeones had hot chocolate as well for a treat.
The weather today is calling for more rain, it seems like that is all it has done all week long and the long range looks to be the same.
Today is going to be a clean up tidy up morning and I have a afternoon class as well.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Sounds like your new addition is coming along nicely! Your annual "Bows of Holly" sounds like so much fun. I like to look at Christmas ornaments to see which ones I can make myself.:) I hope you have a great class today and weekend too!

  2. thanks Vicki I do the same at all the craft sales. Hehe!

  3. I bet all those decorations were beautiful to look at.It won't be long now before Christmas is here. The year is just flying by. I hope you have a great week.
    Cary Ann

  4. It sure is coming almost to quick Cary Ann. (even though it is my favorite time of year I never seem to be ready for it)