Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Stuff

Our weather has finally warmed up a bit, making it much easier to get outdoor jobs done.
Yesterday we celebrated Jaynes Birthday with her friend. Jayne,Jillian and myself went out to supper at the restaurant in town with Jaynes best friend and her Mom who is a good friend of mine. After a wonderful meal we had a little cake and then headed over to the Civic centre,which is where our ice Rick is located to watch a hockey game. Jayne received box seat tickets for her Birthday from my Dad who got them from work. The girls had a wonderful night.

Today I was up early watched a few of my cooking shows with my cup of coffee. The girls slept in. So the house stayed nice and quite. The guys had went to bring home the rest of the round hay bales that were still in the fields. I then got a great brunch made up of ham, bacon,sausages,eggs,and mini cheese biscuits.

I spent most of the afternoon outdoors it was very damp and foggy but a lot warmer then it has been.

I made up sweet and sour meatballs and a lovely homemade Mac and cheese casserole for supper and it smells so good in here at the moment with them cooking in the oven.

Tonight is our family TV night with our Heartland show, and then Alaska the last frontier. I made up some special treats of spring rolls for this.

Tomorrow is Jaynes 13th Birthday. I can not believe she is going to be a teenager.

I smell supper ready and Jill is trying to set the table around me, so I better go.

I wish you all a good evening.


  1. I want to watch that show about Alaska. Jess has been watching it and she says it is great. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Sounds like Jayne had a wonderful birthday celebration! Yesterdays brunch and supper sound delicious. Madison made garlic cheese biscuits for breakfast last week and I came home from work and filled one with strawberry jam, lol. I ate it anyway. :-)

    Have a great week, Jessica!