Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Break

Wow, we made it into March. It sure has came in Luke a lion and we are hoping it goes out like a lamb. We have had so much snow, today is the first day in the last 4 days that it is not snowing.

Mom is still at home and we are still going trough good and bad, it is pretty tuff on all of us.

Saturday my good friend and I went out to supper and then decided to go on a little ATV ride to check on her parents camp, as they are away. I really enjoyed myself and it was a nice break for me.

My only little boy turned 15 on Sunday and we had a little family get together.
My goodness time really does fly by.

This week is March break for the kiddies. We do not have any big going away plans like most people for a few reasons. We have animals that need us and sheep that are about to lamb, there is also no one to stay at home with my Mother during the day. Justin went on Monday to my in laws for a few days, and should be coming home today to work down the road for a farmer to clean up snow. The girls have been taking it easy for the last couple of days just vegging out. They do come down to Nannys during the day while I am there. This afternoon we are going to the pool to swim with one if Jillian's friends. Tomorrow afternoon hubby is hoping to get the afternoon off and we are taking a little trip to visit a friends farm in the next town to look at a horse for Jill. Friday my Mother in law is taking the girls to her house for the day to do some crafting.
All in all they can say they are enjoying their march break.
Oh I almost forgot, my hubby bought me a special gift last Friday. I got a new iPhone so now I am able to blog, and read blogs where ever I go. :) :)

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  1. I am so glad that you posted. I have read your last couple of entries. I got pink eye from a kindergartner last week at our school. It does spread quickly.

    I hope that your mom continues to do well. I hope the Justin had a great birthday. They do grow up quickly.

    Have a wonderful day.