Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pink Eye And Snow Days

Yep my title pretty much sums up my life here. Jill got up yesterday morning complaining of a sore eye,after breakfast she never mentioned it again so off to school she went. I went to my Mother's for the day to help her and around 1:30 my cell rang and it was Jill with her sore eye still bothering her. I went to the school to pick her up and it had gotten worse, after super we new that it looked like pink eye. By bed time we new it sure was. So Miss Jill will need to spend a few days home until it gets cleared up. I suppose the others will get it too. I remember of Justin and Jayne having pink eye when they were in elementary as well.
On another note there is no school here again today. They kiddies are having a great week. It has not began to snow as of yet, but we are expecting 30 to 40 cms. Today with 50 km winds. I am not sure but they might even get tomorrow off as well as we are expecting another 10 to 15 cms. More with high winds. (Yep all our snow is going to come at once.)
The kiddies are sleeping in and I am going to make breakfast burritos for them for breakfast, with smoothies. I think they will enjoy that. :)
Last evening I did not get much done. After supper which was Mac and tomatoes with meatballs and rolls, I went and laid down. I am finding looking after my Mom and trying to still run my home is hard to do. Most days are better then yesterday, but she was a lot of work yesterday and I did not get home until 3 and only started my daily house work then. But I am sure it will get better.
Tonight we are having a chicken stir fry with honey garlic noodles and fresh bread. I have a mountain of laundry to get caught up on and floors that overly need cleaning.
Well I better get on the sausage for the burritos. Take care and enjoy your day.


  1. Your breakfast sounds great. I love breakfast burritos. I know how hard it is to take care of a parent and your own home. Try to rest whenever you can. So sorry to hear about the pink eye. Hopefully no one else will get it. God bless.

  2. I hope Jill's eye is better.

    Try to get some rest and take care.