Monday, February 18, 2013

No Sign Of Spring Yet

Good morning. It is a snow day here as had three days of snow and now the high winds are into it. Talk about wild.
The kiddies are super excited because most of our little winter storms have only been on the weekends. So they feel they are getting gypped. The reason I say little snowstorms is because this has not been a normal Winter for us by any means. We usually have -30 conditions earlier and longer then we have been. We don't get into the plus conditions ever. And we always have at least 4 feet of snow on the ground when we do get these freezing temps and the house and barns stay more insulated. This year has totally different.
So I will take a snow day at home with my kiddies any day.
Sleeping in, sipping on morning coffee in bed, having brunch with my kiddies. Yep a snow day is a good thing.


  1. Hi, Jessica, your snow day does sound so cozy. It is supposed to reach 51ยบ here today and be sunny. It will feel nice as our weekend was very cold.

    Have a great day!