Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Little Catch Up

It seems like I can never get a minute now a days to sit and blog. Life has sure been busy the last couple of weeks for me. Mom has finally come home and the first week was not so great and we had to call for a ambulance and she was admitted once again for a week. But we are trying again and so far so good.
The cold temps had found us once again. Last week was crazy with -40 throughout the week. It made life as a farmer very hard. I read something a little while back that said "January is not a month it's a occupation." This is so true.
And with all that complaining about the cold weather here we have  no school today, because of a freezing rain warning in effect, and a high of +2 today,and +9 tomorrow. Can you believe these temps.
I was up early with HB getting lunches packed when around 5:50 they announced no school. So I sent HB off and put the sandwiches in the fridge and took my coffee and turned down the lights and went back to bed to rest for a bit,before driving my Dad to work.
I came home and settled in again with yet another cup of Java and thought what a great time to blog.
I sure miss when I don't get to. I have worked a bit more on the new site and it is looking looking really good. I can't wait to get it up and running. I was hoping for the end of the month, but now it is looking more like mid Febuary.
I am still keeping up with my favorite blogs, I don't always get a chance to comment on every post but I wil sure try to let you all know my thoughts to your daily posts.

Tonight we are trying a new recipe for a sauce for my beef roast. I am making it in the slow cooker. I will post some pics and let you know how it turns out. I watched it on pioneer women this week and it looked yummy. We will have it with mashed potatoes,veggies and cheese sauce.

Well I should get up and whip up a batch of oatmeal muffins for the kiddies for breakfast before heading down to get Mom up and ready for her day.
Take care and until next time happy blogging everyone!


  1. It is good to hear about your days. I have missed your posts. I hope that your mom continues to improve. We have had warmer temps now, but it sure was colder earlier in the month.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Hi, Jessica, I am so glad your mom is home. I hope she continues to do well. I will keep her in my prayers.

    It was super nice here yesterday. It was 66ºF and sunny. My chickens were lying out in the field with their wings out like they were going to have a heat stroke. They could have stayed in the shade, but they like to be near us when we are out. I got the coop cleaned out, the yard picked up, and Quentin trimmed goat hooves. But today is another story. Super windy and raining but already 60º. Tomorrow will be cold at only 37º. I am ready for stable spring like weather!

    I am still looking forward to your new site. :)

    Keep warm and safe and enjoy your time with your kids on their day off.


  3. I am glad your mom is home and that it is going well this time. I look forward to hearing about the new recipe. I always love new recipe. Stay warm and God bless.