Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wagon Wheels

As you al know, we live in a very little town. So little that we only have one general store. For a small store it does have a lot of goodies, there's a hardware part,feed mill for livestock, grocery store, clothing part, fabric selection and a post office.
Well while shopping there the other day I came across pasta that I have not seen since I was a little girl. They had just got it in and I was super excited. Remember wagon wheels, I do and loved them as a child. My mom often put the little ones in soup. I was so excited that I bought 3 bags.

Tomorrow I am going to whip up a batch of meaty pasta sauce and we will have them for supper tomorrow night. Yum! Can't wait.


  1. Yum! Your meaty pasta sauce and wagon wheel noodles sound delicious.

    I would love to take a look around your general store.


  2. Your general store sounds very interesting. We love this type of store. I don't think I have ever used the wagon wheel pasta but it looks good. Enjoy your day and God bless.