Friday, January 4, 2013


Thank goodness it's Friday..... It has been a very long week here with this cold snap. I am hoping that the weekend is a bit warmer. It has warmed up a little to -23 this morning.

Hb worked on the water lines again last night for the horses paddock. He got them running, but has decided to move them closer to the barn well. We will need to make a small paddock at the back of the sheep barn that will go into the woods a bit. (This makes it easier for us to make rails and to have trees to attach the rails too. It will also give the horses more shelter) poor Hb and Justin worked outdoors last night from the time he got home from work, (trying to get as much daylight as possible) till well after 7. They did not have there supper with the girls and I, so they were pretty hungry at 7:30 when they did eat. I made baked beans,winners,partridge,and skillet corn bread.

The girls have farm camp again today. It is just on the next road so I don't mind taking them. It is from 11 to 4. I need to run back into town again today to get Hb some spikes for the fences, and a few other things he needs to build the fence. I am thinking that I might take a cooking break for supper and get take out while in town. This way I am not stuck in the kitchen all afternoon after I get back from town. (Don't get wrong I love to cook in my kitchen, but well need a little break)

I have a few decorations left to put away today. Mount laundry seems to be peeking out of my laundry basket once again, so I guess it's laundry day as well.

Time for breakfast with the Weeones. Take care and keep warm.

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  1. I am glad to hear you have warmed up a little. It will be nice to have the horses closer to the barn this winter. I can't wait for spring. I keep telling myself we are halfway there. :) It is not too bad here today though. It is 45ยบ and I was able to use the water hose to water the animals.

    Have a great weekend.