Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I can not believe that today is the 1st of May. What happens here in our little piece of the world.
Lobster season started today.
The weeones only have a 3 day week this week.
The 21st is the Victoria day, so another long weeeknd for us. (It is also the weekend I met my HB and we went on our first date 16 years ago.)
May is when all the camp grounds open and the parks as well.
May the yard sales begin.
May is when we are going to haul our trailer to park for the season.
May is when we start to plant flowers in the ground and maybe by the end of May our veggie garden.
May is my Mother in laws Birthday
May the chick order comes in.
May is special clean up in the garbage and we go shopping. hehe!

So yes May is a very busy month here on our little farm as well.

What does May mean to your family?

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  1. ....And it's also my birthday ;) I don't mind growing old anymore! Also Mothers Day.

    How exciting to be taking your trailer to park for the season! We would like to have one set up somewhere sometime, but for now we will be tent camping again.