Friday, May 4, 2012


This morning was a beautiful one. HB got up early and started back on 4 day shifts of work.
I slept in till about 8. (Which was like a dream come true) I awoke to the birds singing and could not believe I had slept that late and good.
I got up and took the dogs out for a run, it was so warm and the sun was beating down at the front of house. I came in and whipped up some waffles and coffee and the weeones got up and joined me on the front porch for breakfast.
We cleaned up and went back out to do the barn work. The wind picked up and it cooled off. I put a small fire on in the front stove, just to burn the garbage. I went back outdoors and cleaned the ford escape that needed a well overdue cleaning.

then I did a bit more transplanting of some plants.
I moved my bleeding heart so that it will not be hanging over into the walkway this year
 I cleaned up some more in the beds.
 and took a pic of the far end of the front porch that HB built yesterday.
I finished my afternoon by making some hummingbird food and cleaning my feeders as my HB's grandmother has the hummingbirds visiting her and I guess they are back for the season.

Justin went fishing, and the girls and I made supper. Chicken burgers with homemade fries. Our potatoes are begging to go down very fast, so I think this will be one of the last batched of homemade fries till fall harvest.
HB came home from work and has gone back in the woods to cut up a few trees before it gets to wet to get into the cedar swamp.
Tonight I think I will relax a bit and watch TV with the family while doing a little stitching.


  1. Your car looks so clean. Makes me want to go vacuum mine out. :) Your porch looks great! I am glad your weather is allowing you to spend some time outdoors. We have been stuck inside most of today because of the rain.

    Have a great Saturday.


  2. I love the porch! It is nice to be able to get outside. We have sun in the forecast for this week, so we are looking forward to getting outside.

    Have a wonderful day.