Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh My! Where To Begin

Well it sure has been way to long since my last blog post. Life sure gets busy is all I can say.
It has been a terrible cold month and we have plenty of snow on the ground.

The freezers are getting dug into and the wood sheds are as well. The pantry shelves are going down, and the root cellar is not as full anymore.

The children all have had a terrible cold, along with HB. It seems to linger on and getting rid of it has become a challenge. Thank goodness I have not had any symptoms.
Poor HB ended up with pneumonia.

Mom is still the same no change. Dad is hanging on, I wish I could do more but I need to home in the evenings with my own family.

The barn family are all doing well, for these cold conditions. No more frozen water lines so far. I am hoping those days are behind us now.

I moved Cinnie my Toggenburg goat to the front pen with Wolly our old sheep. They both should be bred and due this month. I have been heavily grainy them, and if they have there young during the night when no one is around then I will have no worries about it happening outdoors or the babies wondering out into the cold.

I moved the geese into the old pig pen at the back of the barn. I had to make a move a little early as they were destroying my barn with "crap" the alleyways, my square bale hay mound and my goat milking stand. WHAT A MESS! I just could not take it any longer. I hope they decide to get comfy and lay.

My lay hens are back to laying full time again. This makes me very happy. We were only getting 2,to ,4 to sometimes none a day.

As for my fridge dilemma well after a month with it breaking down every 4 days the company we bought it from finally gave in and gave us a new one of a different brand. We ended up with a LG.
And so far so good.

The biggest thing that has gone on around here in the last month was the disappearance of Jill's Cat "Buttons" He was a huge black cat that stayed out doors over night sleeping in the barn and coming into the house to eat in the mornings, going out frequently throughout the day to use the washroom as we did not keep kitty litter in the house. He would come to the window in the dining room when he was ready to come back and meow. Well a month ago he disappeared. Three days led to a week and a week led to two. The weather was at a dead cold of -40 with the wind chill most days and HB spotted him about a mile down the road crossing it. He stopped yelled for him and he was gone in a flash. Then that was it no Buttons again. Then after a month and a very sad little girl who spent weeks after school walking the trails around and up to the sawmill shaking the bag of kitty food, calling his name it happened.
HB went to see the farmer over the road who has our next piglet. To see when he wanted it to come home. They were standing in the barn talking and Buttons ran past HB. He was shocked the farmer said that he came about 2 days ago and is pretty scared. HB tried to catch him but no luck. He came home got Jill up and they went back down. Within 10 mins they were back with Buttons. He came right to her.
She was so happy she cried.
Buttons is doing great except for losing a bit of weight, and a couple Scratches on his face. It looks like the pads of his paws must have froze but he is back to norm now.

He had a dry shampoo bath because he stunk of barn BAD! Now he smells like a blueberry muffin.

A happy ending to a very sad month. We are making a appointment for him to get checked and to get fixed and they have put out a kitty litter and Jill says he is not allowed back outdoors. So I guess we have a house cat. As long as he stays off my kitchen countertops.

Well it's time for me to hit the sack. Jill and Justin told me they would like french toast for breakfast so I need to go take out a baguette out of the freezer for morning. Good night and I hope you all are well.


  1. So good to hear from you!! I am glad all is well. I was so happy to hear that Buttons is okay. Our Jasper was not missing for a month but I still can relate to how you all felt. We have a kitty very similar to Buttons. Her name is Jet. She stays outside at night but is in and out during the day. I hope you have a great day, stay warm and God bless.

  2. Hi, Jessica! Things are busy at your place! I bet your kiddos are excited to be expecting kids and lambs soon. We are expecting kids mid March and can't wait! We are down to only 4 laying hens but get 2 eggs most days. We have to supplement those with grocery eggs, and I get a lot of complaints!! Tractor Supply's chick days should start soon, and I can't wait to pick up some new chicks. I thought about mail ordering but you just save a ton of money by getting them at the feed store. I am glad they finally gave in and let you have a new fridge. The first one was obviously a dud! I am so glad Buttons is home safe and sound. We have had two cats wander off before, and just when we gave them up for dead, they came home!

    So glad to hear things are going well for your family!!