Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend News

Good Monday Morning. I hope you all had a wonderful enjoyable weekend.

Friday night I took to Jill to her Birthday party and had a lovely time. It was soooooo cold when we came home. The poor jeep sounded so rough all the way home.
We went to bed soon after getting home, as we were both tired.

Saturday morning was another freezing cold morning. I got up and had coffee with Hubby and put a crock of beans on, then went to help with the barn work. Thank goodness no more water line problems

I had to make a batch of laundry soap as I was just about out. I finished my morning by doing laundry.

I made pizza dough to rise to go with supper, and Jill helped me make a skillet corn bread. Hubby and Justin shoveled off the snow on the sawmill and shingle mill roofs. Hubby's cousin came over and helped them with some more fire wood after that.

We made a huge all dressed pizza to go with the beans,and cornbread and he stayed for supper. It was really good. .

Sunday I put on a roast of pork on early in the slow cooker with a bottle of apple jelly. Justin left early with his grandfather to go to there camp to shovel off the camp roof. They got back around lunch. We had a Sunday brunch of scrambled eggs,bacon,sausages,has browns,and toast.

I washed all the floors, and filled the wood boxes. We left both fires go out in the house for the afternoon so we could clean the ashes. I never thought of that while washing the floors,and after we took the ashes out the dust goes everywhere. Oh no! Now my floors are dirty again :(

We had a our supper and retired into the living room for the evening to watch TV. We all love Alaska The Last Frontier. Next week will start back Heartland again.

As I was sitting on the couch my lower back began to hurt. It got really bad and I had to go lay down. I'm not sure what happened.
It has hurt all night and it still is. I don't remember doing anything different. I hope I'm not putting back out like before. But this time it is even lower.

Tonight we are having pork ribs ( yes pork again) my family loves pork. I have a little of the roast left and will put into my pork fried rice to go with the ribs, and make beef fried macorroni to go with it too, as well as garlic bread.

It is going to be a messing day here weather wise. The temps have sure warmed up. It is only -11 here this morning and it is suppose to get +4 here today with 10cm of snow, then freezing rain or ice pellets( is there really a difference ) then changing to rain. That will make everything including the roads very slippery.

It will be a early evening tonight as the Kiddies head back to school tomorrow from Christmas break. I am sad to see them go back as always. But like I have said before I also like routine. I will have to come up with a good supper for tomorrow night as with it being there first day back they will be starving when they get home.

Well I better go get my ribs on to boil before going to Moms.


  1. I have many questions for you concerning this post. Well, actually my first question comes from your comment on Vicki's blog. You mentioned making your own dishwashing soap. Would you share how you make it? Also I would really like the recipe for the pork fried rice and the beef fried macaroni. These both sounded very good. My Julie loves fried rice. I also wanted to tell you I have a pizza crust recipe on my blog I got from Vicki that you might want to try. It is easy, no long rising time and we really love it. You can read the recipe here Actually we are having it for lunch today. I had to laugh when I read the part about your floors-not that it was funny-just that is something I would do! I hope your back is feeling better. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. I feel for you on those cold temps! It was -4º F here this morning. I am glad your water lines weren't frozen. I will have to carry water out to the animals several times today. We spend our evenings in the living room watching TV too. Soon it will be spring, and we can be up and about. I hope your back is feeling better and it isn't anything too serious. I hope your kids have a wonderful week going back to school.


  3. Just checking in. Praying all is well for you and your family!