Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year to all of you.Our New Year is starting off very cold.
Yesterday is stayed -30 as a high for the day and it's -38 when we awoke this morning.
And I am sure you know what comes with freezing temps that cold....... Freezing water lines in the barn..... ( no fun) 
Hubby got up every 2 hours to put wood in stoves,and at 4 we got up. He went out to the barn to check and our water lines had froze. It is a big job to pull them out and get them going again. Then he went to start his truck to warm up to go to work and it did not want to go. My jeep was the same. So it took him awhile to get them going. Oh the joys of cold weather.....
It is suppose to stay upon us until the weekend and then warm up. There is a snow storm coming our way for Monday. 
We had a terrible thing happen to us over the Christmas break. On Boxing Day our brand new 20 day old fridge stopped working and everything I had in the freezer defrosted and the fridge got warm. I called the store that we bought it from the next morning when they reopened and they told me because it was a Samsung that I had to deal right with the company. After a few hours I was able to get in touch with the repair man in my area and he came to see it. He did get it going again but said he needed to order a new part and was not sure if it would stay working until then. Well it didn't on New Year's Eve it stopped again. This time Hubby called the store. He was not happy and he did not want our 20 day old fridge fixed. He wanted a new fridge. He had a rough time with them, but they agreed and are suppose to deliver on today. In the meantime we brought our old one back in turned it on and away it went. ( can't beat the old ones) at least you an work on the old ones.....
So ladies I guess I better get a move on, I still have a few boxes of christmas decor to put away in the dining room, and more to put into boxes before heading to Moms for the day. Take care and stay warm:)

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  1. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year! That is terrible for a fridge so new to mess up. I would have definitely wanted a replacement too!!

    P.S. I am blogging here diary style. I am actually loving just writing down what I feel and getting it all out.