Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holiday Food

I hope all my blogging friends had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family,friends and great food. We sure did.
We had a semi quite Christmas. I tryed posting before Christmas a blogging post of our Christmas preps but with the crazy weather we had power,Internet were very hard to come by.
Then before I knew it, it was Christmas.
So I'm back and I thought I would share a little of our family traditions of Christmas food.
The last couple of weeks leading up to christmas we were very busy little elves in the Kitchen.
The girls made up there traditional gingerbread house. (But this year we had a box kit)unfountuantly I just did not have the time with Mom to get ours done from scratch. But the girls were just as happy with doing the kit.

Jill found a recipe that totally caught her eye out of the new Pioneer Womans cookbook. Marshmellow pops.
They turned out great and tasted just as good I must add.

I made our donuts,and we have been enjoying them with breakfasts. Yum!

I made chicken pot pies(it is what we call our meat pies)

The girls and I also made Christmas belly buttons. A nice little citrus refreshing cookie after all that sweetness.

We made Christmas fudge. Mmmmmmm,!

Then I made egg rolls.

And Jaynes pizza rolls too.......and Justin's cinnamon rolls......
The freezers were filling quickly.

Besides food I attended Jill's Christmas concert.
It is the last Elementry  school concerts for me. :(

Christmas Eve we had another.....yes another....snow storm.....
We headed out on the terrible roads to my in laws. It took so long to get there and we did not stay very long.
Christmas morning we had to do our barn work, and clean snow before we could have our brunch, and open gifts. My parents came but my Mom was not well enough to stay and I took them back home for a few hours. My inlaws came and the children really enjoyed themselves.
We all received wonderful gifts. ( ill share a little about those in a later post)
Boxing Day we had our turkey supper and my parents came. We had a lovely meal.

We used all the turkey up by having turkey spring rolls.turkey supper paninis.Hubby took turkey sandwiches to work with him.

I made turkey soup. I even through in the left over peas and carrots at the end for added flavor.

I made a pot of turkey stock,and got 19 cups out of it.

I froze 4 cups of turkey for turkey casserole a little later on.

We used some of the leftover cranberry sauce for dipping sauce for the turkey spring rolls, and the rest Jill and I made muffins. We made blueberry cranberry muffins.

I guess our holidays were mostly around good food.

What was your highlight of Christmas?

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  1. Everything looks so yummy!!! Your girls did a wonderful job on the gingerbread house.