Monday, December 9, 2013

A Continuation To A Busy Week

I am apologizing for my last post. I sent it out last week and only realized last night that it was still siting in my drafts. ( yes I guess I have to much on my plate some weeks) :)

These next few weeks are going to be full busy ones. So I wanted to pop in and let you all know what has been going on around here.

Lets start with the weather. It snowed everyday last week, except Friday where the temps climbed and we had a full day of rain. Then by supper time the temps dropped and it turned to freezing rain.
Saturday was a cold day. I slept in till 830 Yeah!!!   I stayed indoors all day and cleaned the house.I put a Roast of pork smothered in marmalade into the over on low for the day.then we turned them into pork sandwiches on crusty rolls smothered in butter and toasted in the oven.we had homemade fries with them.mmmmm.
 Justin helped me put up some garlands until he got a call to go to work for the farmer over the road. Then our new fridge came just before supper. I love it and am super excited with all the room. Unfourtally there were a couple of  little damages inside on a self and a drawer, but the service guy will be coming out to the house to change them in the next few days.

Here it is......

Sunday morning Hubby and I were up early. -18 degrees outdoors. We got the fires stocked up and the fans running, so it did not take long for the house to warm up. I had my morning coffee,watched my pioneer woman, and started on Sunday brunch. We had a lovely brunch of ham, sausages,fried eggs, and biscuits. Mmmmmm.

Hubby cleaned out the hot water heater room, and reoragainzed it and made much more room in there. It is where I store our toilet paper,paper towels,garbage bags, paint, cleanning supplies, homemade laundry soap in buckets, extra toiletries,and light bulbs. yep I sure can store alot in there, besides having our water tank and hot water heater. You should have seen all the jusk he through out of there.I cleaned a bit more in the house  and got all the laundry caught up.
I put a beef stew on to cook on the wood stove for the day and made doughboys to go on top. Talk about yummy! After a cold day.
I filled the slow cooker with oatmeal to cook over night.

I brought some meat in for the week into our new freezer on the fridge. Meatballs and rice with beef mac are on tonight's menu.

In between looking after Mom today, I am trying to clean out my cupboards under my island. I think I have a whole lot of junk that can be thrown out and space can be used for my stock and canning pots.

We are under a snow storm warning for tonight and tomorrow morning.


  1. Your new fridge looks super! You are really getting a lot cleaned out. I need to do the same! ALL of your meals sound delicious and perfect for winter weather which you are getting a lot of. We only ended up getting ice over the weekend. Snow is back in the forecast for tomorrow so maybe we will get some.

    Stay safe and keep warm.


  2. I love your new fridge! Way to go on getting all that stuff cleaned out and organized. Stay warm and God bless.