Thursday, February 27, 2014

Update and a few pictures

Good day Ladies. Again it sure has been to long since my last post.
So I will try and bring you all upto date.

We had a few huge snowstorms.
But we were are all warm,safe,and cozy indoors.

We had a lovely gathering for our annual pork chop fry.
Great food and even better company.

HB and Jill went to buy 4 piglets for the upcoming seasons. While they were there Jill found 2 new baby chicks to bring home for her and Jayne.
Sochi ( a black one) that Jayne has named after the Olympics of course. Jill named hers Fufu.

BUT..... This morning when I got back from driving my Dad to work. I came into the house and found the Rubbermaid tub at the door, and the headlamp on the floor,and the cover still snapped on the top. BUT... Sochi was missing. The cat was under the table and Frannie met meat the door. I looked everywhere no chick. No feathers. No reason..... I am totally lost. I don't know where it could have ended up. If Frannie or the cat got it then there would be at least 1 feather. But nothing. 
I am so sad for Jayne.

The girls went to their friends Birthday over the weekend. She turned 13 along with Jayne. Funny I remember so well when her Mom and I turned 13. We were good friends as well.

Last night Jerry and the girls began to incubate some eggs. I can't believe it is that time of year again. 

I am so done with Winter. I can not wait to start up for Spring. The signs are coming. Our Canadian coffee "Tim Hortons" has there annual roll up the rim to win" ( which is a sure spring is close sign)hehe!

Next week is March break here for the Kiddies. They are sure excited. 
Next Monday is my only boys 16th Birthday....... I can not believe it.

Next Thursday we are planning a day trip to the big city to go shopping. Costco here we come. My pantry selves are getting low. 

 I have bought some new seedling trays to put on my window ledges in the living room. I have ordered all kinds of seeds and are excited for some heirlom seeds this year. 

Babies are on their way shortly in the barn. Cinnie the goat has a nice bag, as long with Phoebe the Jersey. They both are bagging up nicely. 

Back to piglets. HB got a great deal when he went to buy one so he ended up with all 4. Besides the one we bought a couple months back and left at the farmer over the roads barn as he wanted to keep the little ones all together till they got bigger. Yep 4+1=5..... That's a whole lot of pork.....

My Mom is still the same. Good days and Bad.....Dad is doing well. 
My new fridge is working great. Better then the other. 
It is still soooo cold here. It has been down to -30 this week. And it is not suppose to warm up over the weekend either. 
So I will keep the fires stocked.

My dear friend (who has the daughter with the Birthday) has just lost her Grammie this week. She was very close to her and I feel so for the family. 
I will go to the wake on Friday evening and funeral on Saturday morning.

Well that's about it for now. Hope I can keep up to my posts this time. Take care and stay warm.

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  1. Hi, Jessica! It is always great to hear from you. Your snow picture is beautiful. Our snow has been long gone. We are having both freezing and warm days. Our weekend is supposed to be warm so I hope to get a lot accomplished. I am glad you enjoyed your pork chop fry. I am sorry for Jayne for loosing her chick. We are raising 6 chicks right now. You are going to have lots of pork for your freezer. I haven't gotten brave enough yet to try to raise a pig. I will say a prayer for your mom and dad and best friend. I don't think anyone ever stops missing their grandparents after they're gone. I am SO ready for spring too.

    I hope you have a nice weekend.