Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow storm hits us hard! AGAIN!

Yep it has found us once again. 60 cm's and freezing rain. What a storm. What a way to start the March break.
Justin and my parents left yesterday before the storm out of town as my Mother had a Doctor App. tomorrow morning. HB still is not home from work, and the girls and I used the day to house clean the whole upstairs.
We had not lose our power but there are a lot of homes that have.
We are hoping for a nice and bright day tomorrow.


  1. You sure are having the storms. Have you had more snow than normal? We got two inches this morning. It has melted now, so I can't complain.

    Have a great evening and stay warm.


  2. Oh, hope your power stays on. I know you are soo ready for all this snow to go away.
    Take care, Cary Ann

  3. I hope you are getting lots of sunshine today. March snow storms are the worst!