Thursday, March 3, 2011

My only boy turns 13

Yesterday the temps really warmed up from -20 in the morning to a high of 0 in the afternoon.
Jayne got up with a headache yesterday so she stayed home for the day with me. She spent most of the morning just lazying around and playing on her computer after feeling a bit better. She also decided to take a look into and gather up her sewing notions as she found this little old sewing box at the thrift store a couple weeks ago for .25 cents.

She found a few threads inside and began digging out her things. She has not yet finished but has moved everything into a laundry basket in her room.

Jill came home from school and dug out her new coloring book, she had gotten the last time we went to Wal-mart. It is a giant one and she uses those lovely coloring pencils that she had got for her Birthday. She really loves to color and these big ones are really great.

Of course she got it in Tangled as they just can't wait for it to come out on video. The girls love Rapunzel, so this will be even better.

I love that little guy, that is her best friend. His name is "Pascel" to cute! (Jayne has the new webkinz cameleon    
named Pascel and you will meet him soon)

So after supper we went out for a walk and to play abit as it was so nice out. (It was nice for a change to do the barn work and not freeze) then we came in and the weeones took their baths. Jayne worked more on her sewing box and Jill decided to make some changes in her room. She has just in a old school desk that HB brought home from work awhile back and it has been housed in my living room ever since.(Like my living room was not small enough without that in there) So Jill declared it and we moved it into her room. She has this little nook in her little room due to the stairs being right under her. So it fit in there without a inch to spare.
I will post more about it on Friday.
Today the weather is snapping cold it dropped down to a freezing-30 throughout the night and will stay there all day.(and we wonder why we get sick,hummm! 0 to -30) It is also very windy out and it blew so hard all night.
HB starts his shifts today. He left at 5 this morning, and will be home around 6:30 tonight. (Makes for a long day) He is on day shifts for a couple of days and might even get the weekend off,as he needs to get into his regular shift next week. They work 2 days, 2 nights, and 4 off.

wow where has the years gone. I will bake a cake today,and can you believe it he wants manwich for supper as it is his favorite. HAHA!
So manwich it is!
I bought his a shirt for his birthday and tomorrow I will post all about his special day!

Tonight the girls have there guiding group and it is going to be sooooo cold to go there but........ gotta go as they are working for a new badge.
Well I should go and start breakfast as the weeones willl soon be getting up. Take care and I hope it is warmer in your parts of the country then mine.
Here is a cute picture of Molly on the lawn I took yesterday afternoon.

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  1. Happy birthday to your boy. It is hard to see them grow up at times. I love the picture of the dog in the snow.

    Have a great day with your family.