Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone should let the groundhog know to look into his predictions better

We have had nothing but cold weather and snow with wind for a week now. Friday we had another storm,and again on Monday. The weeones had their first snow day of the year Monday. (Which they really should have had about 10, but that's a whole other story) anyhow, I am so sick of shoveling off roofs,steps,and doorways. I have had enough!
Yes it is not over yet as we are seeing more tomorrow and at the end of the week again..........
This is what I see when I open my front door. yep that's my 6 1/2 foot lamp post there buried in the snow.Well that's what is left to it anyway.
And when I look out the window this is what I see. 

OK enough about me complaining about the snow,as it is here to stay for a while longer. So I have made the best out of it by moving into the fiber studio in the barn. Cleaning and catching up with my spinning projects.
Oh I need more days of this.......

Saturday the girls penny circus day for their guiding group was cancelled till after March break,due to the storm. They did however go to their friends Birthday party at the pool in the city, and we had a ball. It is Jayne's best friend's party so Jayne got to sleep over at her place after that.
The highlight of the party was this new thing for the pool. It is called a hammerhead,and the children run or crawl and try to get to the end without falling off. 
Can you make out Jayne trying to get across it. 

Sunday we picked up Justin at my in-laws as he spent the weekend down there. Then we picked Jayne up,yep Jill had us all to herself and even though she missed her brother and sister she ejoyed having us all to herself. We had lovely turkey supper before getting ready for our Sunday family night of our favorite TV show Heartland. 
Monday morning HB began his new job he will spend most of the week on courses,medicals,and all that fun stuff before going into the job. I am feeling so much better now that I know he is working,as I was beginning to wonder what Spring was going to behold.
We had hot turkey sandwiches last night for supper with fries. We cleaned snow and then off to bed. Today it is drifting out so bad. The weeones still had school with only a few buses not running and only one school in the area closed for the day. 
Tonight we are having pork chop,baked potatoes, side rice dish,and toss salad. 
My house is pretty much back to norm. So I think I will now take a hour for myself,and do some sewing. Take care and I hope to be back tomorrow blogging, as sometimes I just can't seem to get 10 mins to get on. But always try to at least read my daily blogs.
Have a warm day!


  1. Wow! All that snow and more to come. I am so glad that we don't get that much. I would get tired of shoveling the roofs off.

    The pool looked like fun with the new thing for the kids. I hope you all stay warm and dry.

    Have a great day. I love looking at your pictures of your workshop and the spinning. That is one thing I haven't tried to do.


  2. Wow, that is a lot of snow. I hope it is melted and gone before you know it!