Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Calm before the storm

We are expecting a beautiful day even though we woke to a freezing -20 this morning. We are going to get up to +2 (WOW) We are epecting another snow storm tomorrow and Saturday just like every other weekend. (so it is the calm today before the storm)
Last evening we went to a birthday supper for my HB's Grandmother's 90th birthday. We all enjoyed our evening and the place was so busy. We had the room on the side and I was expecting 20 people for family but Grandmother was busy calling all her family and ended up with over 40. WOW I guess not to many people turn 90. Even her grandson came in on the 5 o'clock flight from out west and shocked everyone. What a nice thing, as know one knew he was coming.
She even gave out roses to the women for coming, and chocolates to the men. (I told you she can do more then most of us put together.
I forgot my camera but my sister in law took lots of photos and will email them to me. When we got home we took some. As it was the girls first rose they have ever got.

Do you think Justin will share those with his sister's?

Today HB is getting off at lunch time as we need to go into town and do some banking, we will also pick the girls up today after school.
HB got the job here at the mines drilling. He starts on Monday and has 2 days of workshops then it is off to the jobsite. We are hoping that it is what we need and  if so then he will stay here. If not he will then leave for the job in Redlake On. awhere he was before. There is also suppose to be 2 other mines opening here in the Spring and he is hopeful that he can get on there,if this one does not pan out. (but for now it is work)
Tomorrow the girls have a busy day. They have a penny circus  with there guiding group from 10 to 3, and then a Birthday party for Jayne's best friend at the pool from 4 to 6. Then Jayne is sleeping over at her house. Justin is going to the in laws for the weekend to make beef jerky with his grandmother. Then off to another Birthday party for Grandmother on Saturday for supper.Jill and HB and I are all alone on Saturday night. So if the weather is good then maybe we will go out.MAYBE!
Well I better get my house work finished up and get some ground beef out for supper as we are having Shepopords pie for supper with toss salad, and biscuits. Tonight is also the girls guiding night.
Take care and I hope all those Storms and wild weather I have been watching on CNN for the states is not affecting any of my fellow blogging friends.


  1. So glad to hear that your husband got the job close to home. I have been praying for you all. It sounds like a wonderful evening and what a treat to get roses and chocolates.

    Have a great day and enjoy this calm before the storm. We are getting a light dusting of snow right now but hope it will be gone soon as I need to head into town.


  2. Sounded like a wonderful birthday dinner with your family. Both of my grandmothers are in their middle 90's as well. They both live independently at home. And one still drives everywhere by herself. I hope it is in me and my girls genes so we can live a long life as well :) Sounds like you all will be super busy around there with parties and such. SOOOOO GLAD your hubby got his job near home !!!! I know you are all thrilled ! Have a great day today :)

  3. That was so sweet of her to give out roses and chocolate. Your pictures are adorable. I think your kids had a great time!