Thursday, February 10, 2011

End of the week and just beginning

Wow it really has been forever since I last had time to sit and blog.
Well here is what has been going on here.......
Friday after school we left for a evening in the city. We went to the mall to pick up a few things we needed,and the girls went to Zellers to buy some new toys with their money. Jill bought a new LPS Blythe doll,and Jayne a new webkinz hamster. I bought some juice and a few other staples.
Justin stayed home and went to do some finishing touches on his skidoo. Here is his end result of weeks of working on his skidoo.
He even used a blue tarp for his seat.
He still has his cab to paint.

Saturday we were invited (WE meaning the girls and I ) to a going away party for 2 little girls that Jill and Jayne go to school with. It was at a friends house on the next road. We had a great time but just as we were getting ready to leave Jayne began feeling sick. And thus begins my story........

Sunday was a day of poor Jayne laying on the couch running a fever, headache, vomiting,and just everything else.
I cleaned up and made up some eggrolls. Sunday evening Jill and Justin and began the same. HB began as well,and ended up going to the hospital at 1 in the morning. They admitted him as his oxygen level in his blood was very low and he was having trouble breathing. He has breathing problems to begin with so when he gets a cold it is so much worse.
Well he got discharged at 2:30 on Monday and had a few puffers to get filled and other meds. (More money and that stuff does not come cheep!)  But I guess if it helps then it is worth it.
I made a homemade chicken noodle soup,and a beef barley soup as well. That is about all they have been eating.
Tuesday and Wednesday were the same except HB went back to work Tuesday afternoon and is feeling better. Wednesday he had a interview here at our local mine and will know more next week. If nothing then he will have to go away to work. (We are keeping our fingers crossed)
Today is another freezing cold morning of -28 and Jayne decided she was ready to go back to school. I felt so bad seeing her off this morning. But she loves school and misses everyone.(even though everyone is pretty much out with the same as well) I told her is she did not feel well then to call and I would go and get her.
Jill and Justin are still home sick with terrible cough and cold.
I am still feeling good,(Knock on wood) besides a little tired from the weeones being up coughing all night. But last night I rubed vicks on their feet and put some cotton socks on and that seemed to do the trick.
Today I am trying to clean and put things back to normal. I am going to make a hamburg casserole for supper,and some rolls. If they rise as I am having a hard time to keep the Kitchen warm today. My mountain of laundry is down and things are coming back.
Well I hope you are all well, and will be back tomorrow.


  1. Wow! That has been one hard week for you. I hope that they all continue to get well and stay well.

    We were at 19º this morning.I hope that you all stay warm.


  2. Oh goodness! I hope they all get better soon and you do not catch it !! Take care, Cary Ann