Monday, February 14, 2011


All my Valentine's went off to school today. Feeling MUCH better. (they still have a little cough but they are back to norm) They went to school in yet another snowstorm.
HUBBY AND I MADE THIS TOGETHER ABOUT 7 YEARS AGO........... and it still hangs outside our door every Valentines day!

The girls spent the weekend decorating valentines for their classmates and teacher, and even MOM and DAD. There was a lot of painting,cutting,and stamping going on here. We also did some baking of chocolate muffins with pink frosting, and heart cookies.
We had easy weekend Friday night we took it easy with just staying indoors and relaxing. Saturday the girls made breakfast (with a little help from mom) and it was down to business with crafting...........
Sunday I helped Hb put in some hay and do most of the barn work as he still is not feeling well with his breathing. (He is home from work today and is gone to the Doctor. ) then I made a nice Turkey Supper.
Today I spent the whole morning cleaning my bathroom and doing laundry,and dishes. We are having hot turkey sandwiches for supper with homefries and toss salad.
HB has not heard anything back yet on the job interview here at our local mine,so we are beginning to think he might have to travel for work. He are still praying that they will call with a good enough offer for him.
We are expecting 25 cms of snow today and tonight with 80 km winds. So we will fill the tub before going to bed and make sure we are set up for no power.
Well I'm off to get dressed warm to get the weeones off the bus. Take care and stay warm.

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  1. So glad that the weeones are better and back in school. I hope that your husband's breathing gets better. I am praying for your husband to find a job.

    Have a great evening with your family.