Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tib bits

Good Morning. It is yet another chilly -30 here again. We had some warmer temps. over the weekend, leaving us to be able to work outdoors a bit on Sunday. Saturday I spent the day indoors with the girls getting some baking done. A friend was kind enough to drop off some apples they had that needed to be used up and 4 lemons.(People always bring us fruit and veggies and bread for feed for the animals as they like to compost this way instead of putting it inti the garbage. They know we have a pig). But sometimes there are still fruit and veggies that are not gone bad yet. Like these. So I decided to get busy with the girls and make some pie crusts as we only had 2 left in the freezer. We then made a big apple pie,and then a apple crumble and still had 2 apples left over that I baked for them. I also made some worms out of the left over pie crust.(I grew up making these with my family,so my weeones love it too) I use up the left over pie crust and roll it out and spread butter on it. Sprinkle some cinammon and sugar and roll up and bake. YUM! just like the good old days.
We made 2 lemon breads and a batch of lemon muffins. Everything turned out great and we had desert for 2 nights. We spent the rest of the day sewing with felt. Jayne made a cute toad stool,while Jill made a new pillow for Hayden. Saturday night we watched a movie with the family. Open Season 3. CUTE!

Jayne wants to make a smaller now to go beside this one and she wants to put then in her window in her room.
Justin spent the weekend painting and fixing up his skidoo. (I have have yet to see it)

Sunday we spent the day outdoors shoveling, cleaning off my car. Moving it,and clearing more snow. We tidied up the barn put hay in and moved a few animals around.
I put a beef stew on the wood stove to cook for the day and bread to rise and we had a nice salad with it. Yummy! after a day outdoors.
Monday I had to go to a funeral for my HB's uncle. He was a well known business man in town who owned a paint store most of his life along with a true farmer,Husband,Father,and Grandfather. We will be sadly missed.
It as a huge funeral and I met friends that I have not seen in 20 years. I also met a new Friend a lady from the states who now resides here with her 6 children and her Husband who also is a Pastor. I will post another day about this special woman that I have learned about. She is a very nice person.
Anyways to is back to normal around here. Cooking,cleaning, and laundry. I am making a meat loaf loaf for supper, and am making some oatmeal cookies with fudge filling. (Another recipe I grew up with) I will post the recipe with my pictures tomorrow.
Well I wish you all a great day and I hope you all are not getting to much snow. It is so cold here,that it is to cold to snow. Take care.


  1. That is cold. We were at 20º with wind blowing. I was cold opening and closing the gate for my husband.

    How wonderful that you were able to use the apples and lemons. We will sometimes get stuff for our animals as well from neighbors.

    I am sorry about your husband's uncle. How is your husband's job search going? I have been praying that he will find a new job.


  2. I was also wondering about your hubbys job?? We are in the 60's today with high cnance's of tornado's.I'd gladly take the cold over tornado's anyday.I can not wait to see those cookies and get the recipe!That toad stool is cute. Who is Hayden? I bet Open Season 3 is cute! We haven't seen it yet.How nice of people to give you fruit and veggies! All that food sounds delicious you made with it! So sorry about your uncle-in-law. Can't wait to hear about your new friend :) Take care, Cary Ann

  3. A lot of folks are gettign tons of snow and ice! did you get ice too?
    I can picture you with all the baking as the house heats up and wonderful smells waft throughout!:)