Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick Catch Up

My family has been sick and are all still home with the gastro flu,and a terrible cough. HB is home with breathing problems and a cold that leaves you with a sore back as well. The bright side is that so far I still feel good,expect for a little tired of not getting my sleep with the weeones up at night. but besides that I am fine.
I got up this morning and made a big pot of chicken noodle soup,and a beef barley soup. I put bread on and am trying to get them into eating a little. They have been living on Gatorade and jello.
I hope to be back to normal tomorrow and get back to blogging. I have a few things to tell you about. HB also has a interview tomorrow afternoon at the mine a half hour away. So we will see what that will bring. Take care and I hope you all are doing well.


  1. I am so sorry they are all sick. I hope that you stay well. I pray that your husband's interview goes well tomorrow.

    Have a great day and try to get some sleep when the rest of them do.