Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mid Week Catch up

Well It has warmed up to -13 today and we are expected to reach a high of +2 tomorrow. (WOW what aheat wave that will be) This winter has sure taken a tole on our wood shed. We are beginning to run low and HB has been hauling out wind falls with his skider,when ever her gets a chance so we do not have to touch the rest in the wood shed. We also have our horse trailer filled with slabs.
As for the house I have been doing my usual cleaning. Trying to keep up with laundry and floors. I have not done to much baking lately except for bread and rolls. I have used a lot of the pies and deserts that I had made up this Fall and froze. I should be starting to use up some of the berries in the freezer as well. I think next week I will plan to do that.
We had boneless steak in the oven last night for supper with baked potatoes and string beans. It was very tasty. We had a apple pie for desert too.
After supper we shoveled off my end of the barn where my studio is. (It had 2 leaks in there yesterday.)
HB came home from work yesterday after making a really neat boot and mitten dryer for the stove. (we need to get some BarBque paint for it now) but it still worked great.

It really does not take to long for them to dye this way.

Today is HB's Grandmother's 90th birthday and she is fit as a fiddle. She can do more then most of us put together. We are celebrating it tonight by going out for supper at a Chinese resturant in the city. there are 18 of the family going. We will have to leave as soon as Hb gets home from work as it is a little drive to get there for 6. I got the weeones cloths ready this morning and just have to get them dressed when they get home from school. 
On Another note I noticed my hens beginning to lay again. I was starting to get upset as it costs so much to feed them,and if they don't produce for us then it is a real cost. I find lay mash is sooooooo expensive already, we give them left over greens as well,and oyster shells too. What do you all feed your hens? We pay around $20 a bag and it only lasts 1 1/2 weeks. (So if you do the math that's over $40 a month) 
Any suggestions? 
Take care and stay warm. I wish you all a great day.


  1. Wow! That is cold. I love the boot and mitten drying rack. What a great way to get them dried and then put away.

    It sounds like it will be a fun evening with family and dinner.

    Last time I bought feed, it was $25.00 for two 50 pound sacks of layer pellets. We do supplement them with home ground corn and barley as well as compost from the house. They go through two bags in a month right now.

    Have a great day and stay warm.


  2. We went yesterday to buy feed for our chickens and everything has went up $1 a bag already...and only to rise. I stopped feeding my pellets after the last bag. They seemed like they were wasting it more then eating it. I just now give mine crushed corn and scratch (which is mixed grains)and I do the oyster shells and all the scraps from the kitchen (like peelings and etc..).But...we are in 60-70 degree weather right now so they are also eating bugs and such.
    I like the dryer your hubby made. I bet it does a great job.
    Have a great time at your dinner tonight!

  3. I really like that mitten and boot dryer. You sure are having cold temperatures. I have never experienced -13.

    We only have 5 hens right now. We buy a 50lb bag of layer and a 50 lb bag of scratch grains at Tractor Supply. They both cost around $10 each and last around 2 months. They also get lots of table scraps.

    Keep Warm,