Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rain Is A good Thing

After a wonderful week of  beautiful weather, it had decided Friday to begin to rain. We so needed rain for a few reasons. First and formost our province is fighting terrible forest fires. Over the last few days there have been so many people evacuated from there homes and a few lost theirs as well.

The gardens were terribly dusty when we tilled them up. So this rain will do them good as well.  It is also great for the grass in he fields.

It is Saturday morning and it is still raining , and it is raining hard. And it is suppose to rain right up till tomorrow afternoon.

Last evening after supper we went to pick up our piglets. We got 2 again this year, and are happy with the way they look. Good and healthy.

The girls have Farm Camp today, I am thinking it will be done mostly in the barn. Due to the Weather. But I am sure they will have fun still the same.

Justin was suppose to work today for the farmer over the road but due to the weather he will be helping Hubby saw lumber all day.

As for me ..... Housework is calling my name.
Yep, all the stuff that I don't get done during the week due to being at my Moms. All that stuff is still waiting for me. The mountain of laundry in the bathroom, the dirty floors, the untidy dining room and the unclean bathroom.... Yep they are all still there. And oh course my crazy torn apart craft corner.

Hubby was up early, so he got all the barn work done for me. I just need to go and feed Reggie and my hens,and collect the eggs. Thank you honey!

As for supper well I am thinking about putting on a stew to cook on the wood stove for the day.
Hearty meal on a camp day.

Tonight I am taking my Mother in law out to the city to see Merle Haggard. I bought the tickets for a Christmas gift for her and I, and we are finally going to get to go.

So rain can be a good thing.....


  1. We had rain all week. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. It has rained most of the week here. I hope it does our garden some good as well. I hope you have a great day out with your mother in law.