Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Burrrr Tuesday

We awoke to only 1 degree this morning. We were not long putting a fire on in the kitchen side. By the time the Kiddies got up things were all toasty.
It is only suppose to get to a high of 10 here for the day and it is so damp and wet out from all the rain.

After supper last night we all bundled up and went to do the barn work, and put a hay bale inside for the sheep. We put some more chips down for bedding in the summer hen house.
We are waiting of the hatching off our goslings which should be any day now.

We all settled in and after baths sat and watched a little TV together before bed. But our night was a long one, because poor Franny was up all night with having to go to the bathroom, we must have got up to let her out at least a dozen times. But she seems to be all better this morning.

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  1. Hi, Jessica! We have had the same chilly, rainy weather here too. Tomorrow it is supposed to reach 80º though, and I am looking forward to it. I hope Franny is feeling better.