Friday, May 3, 2013


It has been so long since I last blogged that I am not sure where to start.

Lets start with Mom......
She is still at her own home next door. She is about the same. We have not seen any ups lately though. She has the Extra mural come for weekly visits. ( these are nurses that come to you) they have moved her on the scale from cronic to palliative. So the outcome will not be good. She has now lost her sight and the diabeties are destroying her nerves in her brain. All we do now is pray all the time. I am there during the day with her, as she still has refused any outside help. I am hoping to break the ice with her as summer is fast approaching and I will need to be there for my children. So she will need help besides myself and my Dad.

The children are all well and healthy except for allergys. It is peek season here in our home and Justin,Jillian and Hubby are all sufferers.
Jayne is coming along with school. It has been tough this year with entering middle school. The work load is collage stuff. The team she is on is all about seminars, papers, and very heavy work loads. But she likes the challenge.
She is going on her big school trip next month to Ottawa Ontario for 5 days and is super excited about that.

Jillian is doing great. She is still my little straight A's student. And is so different from the other two. She had a little accident on the playground last Wednesday morning. She was playing a game with the other children and tripped over a piece of broken pavement, and came down on someone's head pretty hard, she had a bad nose bleed. Which I had to run and get her.
Her coat,shirt,pants,and book bag all got a lovely coating of blood. She was pretty upset and came home crying all the way. But after getting her washed up and washing her cloths, she cheered up pretty fast to making root beer floats with Mom.

Justin is finally back on track at school, after a couple of hard months. He really try's way to hard to fit in and find friends. This making him not wanting to be there in the first place, this making him not want to learn and do his school work. It has been a tough year for him S it is his first year of high school. But things (knock on wood ) the last couple of weeks have been much better.

Hubby (Jerry) has been able to stay on town working so far, we are hoping it stays this way. He has been very busy using every available minute he can get to work on and rebuild a dueley truck to haul his hay home with.
He fired up the saw mill the other day as well and has began sawing lumber for all sorts of yard projects.

The farm is coming alive. The horses are doing well and have been moved back to the front paddock.the ducks were laying until Molly our dog got I. The barn and ate the eggs.
They have been trying to lay again.
The geese are laying and we should be expecting goslings any day now. Lily our lamb is getting sooooo big. Cookie the kid goat is getting big too.
The sheep will be sheared this month.Lea the llama is also doing great. Along with Billy and Cinnie Belle the goats.
We are expecting 2piglets next Friday, coming from PEI.
Alena Jaynes cat had Kittens this week. 1 did not make it but the other 2 are doing good.
And finally my hens are giving me lots of eggs daily and my rooster wakes me every morning.

The weather has finally turned nice we get up to 11 to 22 degrees durning the days but our mornings and evenings are still chilly leaving us to put fires on.

This weekend we are fencing, raking and moving the hens to the summer house.

AND......... I will try and get some pics from the farm over the weekend to post as well.

I hope everyone is doing as well.
Take care

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  1. Jessica, I am sorry to hear that about your mom. I will be praying for you. I am glad school is coming along for all your kids. It can be tough sometimes. I hope Jill's nose is all better. All that blood would be pretty scary. I am glad your husband is still able to work close to home. Your farm really is coming to life and will be overflowing with babies soon. Oh how I wish I could visit!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.