Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Tib bits

The weather has been beautiful here. Today is suppose to be the hottest yet. 30 degrees. :)
We had a lovely weekend and thanks to the weather we were able to get a lot of outside work done.

Yesterday evening after supper we were back at it again. Hubby and Justin worked at tilling the kitchen garden and preparing raised boxes.
The girls and I raked more and hauled more away around the yard.

We headed in after 830 (which is late for a school night) but we are working with the weather right now.
After we all got washed up we were not long for this world. I have been sleeping much better the last few nights and I am thinking its the fresh air doing it.

Tonight hubby and Justin are going to do some sawing for the front porch and pool deck. I will get the girls to give me a hand and we will work on the front fish pond that will house the goldfish.

The girls are having a ball transferring frog eggs the last coulpe of weeks from our large pond behind the saw mill to my old fish pond in the front of the house. They got there butterfly nets out and have been hard at work. They have always loved playing with the frogs. I have even seen them move a few frogs into my goldfish pond. Grrrrrr!

Here are my pictures from last nights supper

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