Friday, June 10, 2011

2 Weeks Left

Yep, only 2 weeks left then the weeones will be off for 10 weeks. (can you believe the summer is finally here) They are getting so excited and so am I.
We have started the pool. I have been working cleaning it up,and getting ready for some heat,lazy days sitting by the pool watching the weeones while I sip on my lemonade and reading a good book or magazine.

The next 2 weeks are going to be busy ones. The weeones have field trips and I (the stay at home Mom) have said I would go along and help.
Monday Jill is going into the city bowling and then to the park for lunch and play time.
Thursday Jayne is going into the city to the Pool,and then to the park for a take out lunch.
Friday I have been asked to go to the school for 3 sessions (Friday, Monday and Wednesday ) to teach Scrapbooking to 18 children. WOW!!!! I am not even sure yet what we are going to do. I am looking for ideas and if you have any I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM!!!!
I was thinking a little book or 2 page layout!
How do I get myself into these things.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend.


  1. We just finished up school. They start back on August 24th. We are getting ready for RaeAnne's graduation tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend with your family.


  2. I bet your kids are so excited to be getting out for summer soon. Sounds like a busy week next week :) Hope you have a great time teaching the scrapbooking class.