Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Session 2 complete for Scrapbook album

Yesterday's class went great the children were all able to finish up their pages on there paper bag albums.
Tomorrow we will finish our last day decorating them with buttons,flowers, and pullouts. I have not got to take any pictures as of yet as I have been so busy working with them. But I will tomorrow as the children are now settled and pretty much are working on there own designs.
Last evening I received a special call from Jayne's Teacher. She was inviting me to there BarBQue at the park near the school today at lunch time. I thought it was a very nice offer and even though it is raining out a bit I am excited to go.
On a sadder note. My Mom is having another bad day. More bad news. She was hoping to get out this week and be able to come with me on Friday to the awards at the school. She called this morning and has said that the infection is back in her foot and will need to start treatment again for 6 weeks. She is also moving floors in the hospital to the second (long term section)
I am trying to come up with a idea that would bring up her spirits.
HB is off tomorrow for 2 days. We have so much to still do outdoors. The rain is just putting a damper on things.
We are still looking for a travel trailer we have found a couple but are still undecided and the next couple of days will have to make a move as we are suppose to go camping on the Canada Day long weekend. (If Mom is alright)
On a brighter note the Humming birds are crazy here this year. They go from the apple tree blossoms to the large feeders in the front windows, to the mini ones in my planters. then back again. We all need to be so careful as every time we seem to walk out the doors, they zoom by. I have been hit twice already.
Well I am off to go do a bit more laundry before heading out. Take care and have a Great Day Everyone!!!!

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