Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mid Week Catch up

It has been awhile since I last had a moment to blog. It seems that everyday that gets closer to the big day, gets more and more busy.
Friday evening we went out to dinner with our friends that the husband works away and had just gotten home for the holidays. We enjoyed our evening.
Saturday morning Jayne had a haircut and got to get the newest thing put in her hair for the holidays. "Tinsel " (tied into her hair) She got 4 silver,and I will say they looked cute.
Sunday was a busy one. We had three families come over one after another to visit. (which was not even planned) but very nice.
Monday I had to take my mother to the hospital to get her cast off from her hand after having a small operation the week before. We went to pick up a few staple items as we were expecting a huge winter storm of 40 cms of snow, on Tuesday.
Well Tuesday came and we only got wind and rain. (I am really starting to think we are going to have a green Christmas after all.
Tuesday was Jillian's Christmas Concert Title  "A Bugs Christmas" they all did a wonderful job. Jillian was one of the bumblebees.
They buzzed all around so well.

She is always so serious.
Look at those Carperner ants.
I don't if you can make out the others but there is some cute little asisan beetles and termites, that ate the Christmas tree. The Queen bee was not happy and sent for the lightning bugs to come and help out.
I came hom after the concert yesterday and made my Christmas old fashioned Sugar donuts,and my little Christmas cherry donut balls as all.
8 dozen donuts. plus the little ones.
It smelled so good in here while they were frying.

'AND they tasted as good as they smelled.

Today was Jayne concert it was very cute as well,Jill was in the choir for this concert. So both girls got to wear there party dresses. (JIll had to wear silver and black so she wore her dress from last year) I need to get a pic when they get home. I forgot my camera this morning so had to use my phone,and I can't get it to download on the computer for some reason. I will keep trying.
Well I should get my breakfast dishes washed up as I am running so behind today again. Take care and have a great day.


  1. You have been busy. Are your kids still in school then? I bet the tinsel in the hair is pretty.

    Your doughnuts look so good. My younger two are busy in the kitchen making bread and Christmas cookies. We hope to decorate the Christmas cookies and put in the freezer for this weekend.

    Have a great afternoon.


  2. I have been a missin' you! Now I can see you were busy as a bee..hehe :) All the kiddies look so cute :) And how cute is those "bug eyes" they have on...LOL. You all have the best fun up there! I hope you post again before Christmas but if you don't then I hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!