Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The After Math

We all had a pretty good Christmas. Santa was very good to us and the weeones were so excited.

Justin got all what he wanted....
Who ya going to call Ghostbusters!
SMILE! Justin has his own camera now....

Jayne bought Justin this book from the schools Bazaar.(He loves these clue books)

Jayne was so happy Christmas morning with all her gifts.
Her very own laptop. (Remember what I went through to get that,I do! and it was so worth it to see how happy she was)
She also got 2 new games for her DS and a new hair dryer. Plus,plus,plus........

Jill had a cute little Christmas
She got her DSIXL (In blue of course)
We have played so many games of this already.....

Dad also received nice presents

OH! that will come in handy with the finishing the other piece of the house......... and all the other little projects I have planned.

We both received this beautiful lamp for the living room
It will make seeing my needlework much better at night.

I got my first electric can opener
My super gift from Hubby. He is always telling me I need something to chop those onions(they really give me a hard time)
Jayne got me this beautiful can at the bazaar. (I have not yet decided what I will use it for)

Jill bought me a nice set of soup mugs(I forgot to get a pic of those) They even came with a tray.
Another candle to add to my collection. Smells so good.

Well that's a wrap of most of our gifts that we got. I will post a few more of our best homemade ones as the week goes on. By the way my Mother loved her blanket. I tried to give mostly homemade gifts this year. I will post them now that everyone has gotten them.
The weather here has gotten so cold over the last few days. It is mostly the wind. It is still blowing so hard that I think the roof is going to come off some gusts.
I am going to put on a pot of turkey soup for supper,and make a stock with the left over bones. I will get the girls to help and make some rolls as well as some biscuits.
I want to finish up cleaning the house today,as we are invited to a friends camp behind their house for New Years and are having Jerry's niece to come Babysit for us.(this will be the first time the weeones have ever had a babysitter, besides our parents.) We only want to go out for a few hours but she will still spend the night with us.
So I guess I have done enough blabbing on for now,and need to go and start breakfast for the girls as they are yep! still sleeping. (Justin stayed down below at my parents last night.) All he has on his mind right now is snowmobiling with all this snow. What a kid!
Take care and stay warm.....


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. We plan on staying home for New Year's Eve. New Year's day two of our daughters are going to friends houses and will spend the night.

    Have a great day with your family.


  2. I love all your gifts! That looks like a great chopper! What a wonderful Christmas you had! When do the kiddies go back to school? I know you have enjoyed them being home on break. I hope you have a great time at your New Years party. I guess we will just stay home. Hubby will be asleep in the recliner by 7:30 *smile*.
    I hope the wind settles down there soon.Chat with you later :)