Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

Yesterday's storm has left us with over three feet of snow. The wind gusts have died down from 80 km/h to 30. Still gusts of 40 to 60 at times but nothing like yesterday. Thankfully we did not lose our power as most others around did. I think it is because we are so sheltered here.

We had our Turkey supper last night for supper and it was beautiful. We had a Butterball turkey as it was given to us from HB's work. (It was small compared to our turkeys but it was perfect just for a meal)
My dad came up and took a take out home for my mother and him as she could not walk over the field in that blizzard. They brought up cheese cake for desert. YUM!

HB has gone back to work today for only three days. I see he had to blow out the driveway again this morning in able to get out.
I am going to send more of the gifts up to the children's rooms today as I want to clean up and get the house back to normal.
I love Christmas but I also love to have my life and home back into order as well for the New year.
I also need to get myself back into shape after eating,eating and eating.
Here was some of our baking that we ate, alone with the dips,the finger foods,the chips and crackers. YEP WE ATE TO MUCH!
but it was sooooo good!!!!
The girls just loved there new Christmas PJ's this year and the new smelly gingerbread men that HB's brother's family gave them.
They smell like cinnamon ans sugar.

Well I must run and do some cleaning be back later to try to finish up our Christmas 2010.
Take care and stay warm everyone.


  1. Wow! I can't imagine 3 feet of snow. I like snow, but am so glad that usually it doesn't stick around as much.

    Winds are not fun. We are having wind and rain right now. It makes it feel a lot colder. Stay warm and I hope you get some cleaning done.


  2. My hubby went back to work today too and will be back off on Friday-Tuesday.I keep thinking today is Monday! That was nice of hubbys work to give ya'll a turkey. I am ready to get my house back to normal too. Those PJ's and dolls are so cute. My sister always gets my kids PJ's for Christmas.Try to stay inside and keep warm...just reading about all that snow and wind made me cold :)Have a great week :)