Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

After yet another busy weekend I am still running. Thursday I helped wrap gifts at the school's bazaar. Thursday evening Jayne went to her Christmas party for Guides,and Jill went to sing with the school's choir at the towns waterfront (which I forgot my camera and am waiting on a few pictures from friends that were also there) It was so cold that I froze my feet. Friday I helped out at the school again and we crashed early Friday night.
Saturday Morning I left at 6 and drove to the next town where they have a Staples store that had Saturday door crasher sales.

 We wanted to get Jayne a laptop for Christmas to help her with her school work as she does so much better on a computer with her eye problems. But they are so expensive, I thought we could never afford to buy her one. They had a sale for $148.00 So I decided to go and try. I waited in the line up from 7 to 8:30 and got one (as there was only 20 per store) I froze again. But you should have seen the people. There must have been at least 400 in the line. It was so worth it tough.
Saturday we cleaned and put the rest of the moldings up on the living room walls. After supper we decorated the tree.
The weeones worked really hard at it.

I just love Justin's partridge he has had it forever. It is so cute. Another job finally done. We then turned on the lights and enjoyed a good Christmas movie before going to bed.

Sunday I did a little bit of baking with the girls. We made a couple pans of Marshmallow Squares.
Jayne seemed to enjoy them the most,with her oh so sweet fingers she is still going around wearing since she got them for Halloween.
Today I planed on going outside to do a bit of decorating out there as the temps. are great right now with a high of 12 for today. BUT...... It is also pouring rain out there. We are expecting a lot of rain for the week,with very windy conditions. But I suppose it could be snow. (it was very slippery this morning)
I am back to cleaning today and will do some more baking tomorrow. I am wanting to make some doughnuts for Christmas.
Take care and I wish you all A great day.

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  1. What a busy weekend you all had. That is great that you were able to get your daughter's present. I hope that helps her a lot.

    Your tree looks nice. When we were putting up our tree yesterday the girls were looking through all the ornaments picking which ones they wanted on the tree.

    Have a great day.