Thursday, December 30, 2010

Since Christmas

It is a chilly morning out there of -15 and there is still wind. I heard it during the night hitting the large window upstairs. 
I sleep in this morning again (seems we have been doing a lot of that lately) HB got up and went to work and I never heard a thing.
Today we are going to get dressed out of our PJ'S and get ready and head into town to see what we can find specials. We might not get anything but we do need fruit,and a few things. The girls got gift cards and are dying to spend them. Like they don't have enough to play with. 
Since Christmas we have 
done a whole lot of doll playing with Jill and her Blythe 
Slept in and spent the days lazing around and going from one pair of PJ's to the next pair.
I think I use to have a Kitchen table.....somewhere under all these games. I am all Hungry hippoed out.

I have seen these 2 girls everywhere. (I bet they will even come to town with us today) 
I did not know that something so small could be opened up and played with so much as these little squinkles. 

Yep! my house is upside down with toys blankets and boxes. I think it is great to have this break for the weeones. They have needed it for awhile. 
They were in school right till the 23rd and only go back on January 11 2011. 
So I guess it is a few more days of playing before we tidy up for the new Year. 


  1. It sounds like they have been enjoying themselves. We go back to school on the 3rd of January. I think my girls are ready for routine again.

    We are heading into town as well. I am doing grocery shopping a day early and the girls want to get some clothes at the thrift store.

    Have a great day with your family.


  2. I better not let my girls see the picture of those squinkles! I have never heard of them but could bet you mine would love them and all the other toys. Mine got some of those zhu zhu pets...there are 8 total running around my house chattering and going all over the place:)Driving my CRAZY...but kiddies are only young once....and will long back on it all with a smile, I'm sure.Have a great weekend!