Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year New Beginnings

We all had a great New Years. The girls had a ball with there cousins babysitting them. They had the living room turned into a real slumber party room, complete with the pizza,pop,chips,popcorn,and movies. Justin had a video game night with his cousin at his house. (his thumbs were sure so the next day) Hb and I had a great time at our friends camp. The weather was great and the boiled dinner was so yummy!
New years day we had a bakers basket breakfast with the girls and HB and I. For supper we had a big chicken stir fry with noddles and rice. My parents came and brought desert of cheese cake.
I also got my tree down and most of the decor put away. Everything looks so bare.
Hb had gone back to work today. It felt so weird getting back into the routine of getting up early. As for the weather we got yet another snow storm but not as much snow as the last one. HB told me we only got 30 cms this time. But the winds are still making it so bitter cold and drifty out there. Spring is only 75 days away.
With all the cold weather outdoors the girls and I have been spending all our time doing plastic canvas. Jill and |I are making doll furniture for her tiny Blythe doll. Jayne is working on some cat decorations. I have also been catching up on some long time mending of work pants. HB has been short on his flannel lined work pants.(Until now) Justin has been snowmobiling all day everyday. (except from lunch time today till he gets back as he is gone to Hb's parents to help his grandmother do some work on her new bathroom reno.) Hb has been still trying to work a bit on the other piece of the house,along with cutting some wood in the woods while it is froze.
So really I don't have any new things I need to do for the new year. I do however have a million ideas going through my head of crafts I want to do with the weeones. New recipes I want to try and New seeds I want to try in the garden this year. I love a New year because we can always dream of all the things we are going to try and get done this year. Oh what fun!!!
Tonight's supper is one of those new recipes I have been wanting to try. Pork chops in a sour cream sauce with fresh mushrooms. (I thought it would be a great time after having all these leftovers in my fridge from the holiday's)
Well it is that time of day to go and start my preparing for supper. Take care and stay warm.


  1. I LOVE dreaming of all to look forward to for this new year ahead..even if I do not accomplish them all. I am so glad you had a wonderful time at your get together.My hubby went to work today too. He must be homesick..cause he's called 4 times home already and for nothing but to "see what we're doing" lol.It's a LONG time till next holiday off I told him.So he better just get use to working *smile*. So wonderful to be a house wife :) I wish you had a recipe blog like Cheryl. Than I could just hop over to it and look up your past recipes you've written about. I'll chat with you later.

  2. It sounds like you all have been having fun and keeping busy and warm. Your supper recipe sounds great. I hope that you will share the recipe. I have to ask, what are the bakers basket breakfast that you had on New Years?

    Have a great day and stay warm.


  3. Supper was good,I will post my recipe tomorrow. A bakers basket is a little of everything. Muffins,homemade bread, tea biscuits,and croissants. We served it with homemade jams,tea,and hot chocolate.