Sunday, January 16, 2011

Burrrr It's cold outside

We had a stay at home getting things around the farm done kinda weekend. It was cold with the high of-12 all weekend.
Tomorrow I will be gone for the day with a friend to the big city 3 hours away. She has to take her dog to the vet there for a check u and I said I would go along with her. The is a costco there so we are hoping to get a chance to go. I will be back on Tuesday with more posts all about my day. Take care and enjoy your Monday everyone. I will be leaving at8 and returning around 4:30.
I am excited to go as we are expecting good roads and good weather tomorrow.


  1. That is cold. I hope that you all have a safe trip tomorrow.


  2. Hope you have a really great time! Can't wait to hear about what all you did!