Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tib bits

It is another freezing bitter cold day of -25 degrees. The funny thing is tomorrow it is going to warm up and we are expecting snow for the next three days. (no wonder we catch colds.)
Yesterday I went away with my friend to take her English bulldog (Tank) to the dermo vet three hours away. He has had super skin problems since she had gotten him about 6 months ago. Undecided if it was allergies or something else they decided to spend the money and get him checked my the right people. We left right after the bus for the weeones and got there about 10:30 and at 11:30 they left go out while he was put to sleep to have some biopecies done. (poor guy) We went to Costco and she picked up a few things. Then we went to Old Navy where I bought Justin a new pair of jeans and a coke cola tee shirt. I also picked up the girls each a shirt with owls on it.(we all love owls) We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Arby's and headed back for Tank. HE slept most of the way home,and we were back shortly after 4. (Fast trip) I had a good day though as it was very nice to get out with a good friend.
A couple of days ago we had to put our old pony that started the farm into the barn. She has lost a lot of weight and has gone down hill fast. (To fast) Last night we spent the night taking turns with her. We have her on meds,and gave her some Brandy. She was with the chills and running a fever. Today she is not even standing I have spent most of the day out there. trying to get her to eat. The vet will be coming tonight. I think this is the end for her. Please pray for her .


  1. I hope that the vet can figure out what is wrong with the dog. How fun to be able to spend a day with your friend.

    That has got to be hard right now with the pony. I hope that the weeones won't have a hard time. We have lost pets and it can be hard on them.


  2. Am glad you had a good time with your firend. I hope the dog gets better.I am so sorry for your pony. I soo hope the vet can do something to help her.I will certainly say a prayer for her.Please keep us updated.