Monday, January 24, 2011

-40 Bitter Cold

We have had 2 days now of bitter cold. This morning being the worse so far. -40 with the wind chill. We have had to put wood in the fire every 2 hours throughout the night. Tonight and tomorrow are suppose to stay the same with wind chill of up to -38 overnight.

We had a long week last week. I am always happy when it is Monday meaning it is a new week ahead. Last weeks recap.
MONDAY  Went away with my friend 3 hours away to for her dog to see the vet there. Did a little shopping and back home.
TUESDAY Justin was home sick with a bad cold.
WEDNESDAY Justin still home sick......
THURSDAY Justin felt better and back to school he went. Jayne home with a bad headache. Jill came home after school and felt the same,so no guides tonight.
FRIDAY both girls home with headaches. went into town after HB got home and before Storm hit and picked up takeout for a treat for supper.
SATURDAY huge snow storm over three feet
SUNDAY went into the city for a drive to pick up a parcel from a lady for the girls that they had won on Ebay. (A whole lot of My little Pony's)

Yep I am happy it is Monday again.
I ordered a new craft book on Saturday and hope it will be in within a week or so. I am also doing so bidding on some Amy Butler Fabric on Ebay. My poor fabric bin is so low. I need to order some felt and more fabric.
I am still awaiting the wood from HB to work on the girls doll houses. The snowstorm put us behind. These are my crafting months and I am also wanting to order a few patterns from the Amy Butler collection. (I will post a crafting post tomorrow for my blog, as I have been wanting to for sometime now)
Today I need to tidy, and do a bit of dusting. I don't think it is a good day for bread,so I will make do with what we have left. I am going to make a couple of batches of cookies as we are all out. Just peanut butter ones and chocolate chip ones. We are having baked pork chops in the over with a bread crumb coating mix and mashed potatoes and veggies for supper. Maybe a rice side dish as well.
Yesterday morning I made up a quiche and was it ever tasty. Just 4 eggs a little splash of  honey mustard, salt and pepper, cut up ham,fresh parsley,grated cheese,fresh mushrooms,and green onions. baked for 30 or so minutes in a pie shell that I had froze. We served it with toast and ham slices that were fried up in the cast iron pan. What a great Sunday brunch.
Well I better get up and put another stick in the stove. Have a day!


  1. Brrr! That is cold and with the wind blowing. I know it is harder to heat our house with the wind blowing. I hope that all are well at your house. We are looking forward to having a day off between semesters today and plan to have fun and do some cleaning.

    Have a great day and stay warm. Your quiche sounds great. I may need to do something like that this week for breakfast. We have plenty of eggs.


  2. Mmmmmmmmmm the quiche sounds divine!
    We've had a week like that too...lots of sickness and alwasy someone home from school:)

  3. How do you get out to drive in all that snow? Do you have special tires for winter or use those chain things? My girls LOVE the little ponys too. That does sound like a good brunch! I hope all the kiddies are feeling better today.Do your girls share a room and toys? I have never bought off ebay. I would no doubt be broke if I did because I always see a ton of things I would LOVE to have on there :)hope you have a great and relaxing week this week. Look forward to seeing your craft for tomorrow.

  4. I don't go out very often in the winter. HB does most of the driving. I do have my winter truck with winter tires (no chains.) My girls do not have a toy room. Our home is to tiny, so they have to keep there toys in their tiny rooms. They share or at least try to. I buy a lot off online both through ebay and etsy. I buy most of what we need for crafting and cloths online as well. (We don't have much to choose from here) In the summer I get to go to the city more.