Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tib bits

We had a little dumping of snow over the weekend and took all weekend to clean it up. (having so many doorways in the barns,sheds,and other buildings) But after everything was done settled into a nice evening of A potato scallop and ham supper,then a TV Sunday night with the family. Watching our Sunday night show Heartland. We also watched the season finale of Sarah Palin's Alaska With popcorn.
Jill loves that Santa hat.(I think she has even went to bed with it on) 

Monday was the last day home for the weeones. They played with there new marble run that I had bought the night we went to the city and I got to go to the Dollarstore. We cleaned up and got things ready for the big first day back to school.
Today I spent all day wondering how they were making out,and crying as I worried about them. I washed my floors,and did laundry to keep my mind off of them,HA did not work. I got some cutup chicken ready for supper and will make a southern oven fried chicken with rice and noodles for my hungry family that I worry about so much. (By the way, Yes I am a worry wort they were happy to go to school today and see all there friends.It is only me.)

Tomorrow I want to give my Bathroom a good cleaning,and give my stairs a cleaning as well. I will hit the upstairs on Thursday and see how much laundry I can get done as well.  So I guess it is a cleaning week for me. 
Well I must go and chop up my veggies for the rice and then it's off to the bus for Jill. WOW did the day ever go by fast. 
Take care and stay warm, it is a nice day here a high of 1degree today.


  1. That is cold. We are in the 20s today. The sun is trying to peek out through the fog. Today is different for us as hubby came home from work sick.

    I think I have beef fajitas on the menu for tonight. I need to get some steak out soon so that it will be ready to cut into strips.

    Have a great afternoon and evening with your family. I hope that they had a great day back to school.


  2. Oh, I bet they are having a great day at school today. You know how the first day back from Christmas break is....all the girls sit around telling what all they got and showing off their new shoes,jewelry,clothes and telling about their new dolls and etc. But I can imagine how much you miss them today since you've gotten use to a full house these last few weeks. That chicken dinner sounds good! I have been watching a little of that show(Heartland) as they show re-runs on Saturday here. I'm behind on it so it's sorta hard to figure out what exactly is going on and who is who. I wished I'd caught it at the beginning.Loved your picture! Super cute! Hope you have a wonderful day...and don't worry all is well at school. Lots of hugs to you, Cary Ann :)