Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid Week Catch up

It has warmed up (if you might say) to -27 today and no wind chill. Yesterday was -38 and the weeones are beginning to get cabin fever,from not getting outdoors.
There is only so much playing and dressing up and doing hair styles you can do to your dolls.
Justin has been reading his new book (Saving Zasha by Randi Barrow) and playing Video games. No snowmobiling this week.
HB has been trying to catch up with the snow removable.
As for me I am trying to get some crafting done. I am now wearing my new slippers that I was telling you about and just love them. (of course now the girls want some)
I made them a little to big but they still stay on really good.

I placed my order from Australia. I ordered a new craft book and a pattern,both from the Janelle Wind Collection. (we enjoy reading her and her Daughter's blog Daily)

Don't you just love those storage bins. They would look so cute in Jayne's Room. (the colors would so match and she needs tons of storage for those little things)

See she needs all the room she can gain, as there rooms are tiny.

This couch takes up all her room but she just loves it.

Ok back to my crafting the pattern I ordered if for a nice market bag to do my shopping in. I am really excited about it and have already ordered some fabric for it.
I figure that if I can get this bag made and maybe a few projects in the book, then Spring will be here. 

Yesterday I cleaned most of the day and did laundry. Made a pot roast for supper and had toss salad with it. Tonight I have some Pork ribs on boiling and will make up a BarB Que sauce for them in the oven for supper,with herb rice and beef fried mac (with the roast beef left over from last night) 
While I was cleaning up yesterday I decided to give a purpose to the can that Jayne bought me for Christmas. I decided to to use it as a pom pom storage. 

I am always spilling these things out of there bags.
But not anymore.

Well I'm of to make a bread apple pudding for desert. Take care and I hope you all are staying warm.


  1. That is cold. We are in the 20s right now and hope to get up to the 40s, if this fog burns off.

    Cute room. I love the colors. I like the containers you showed a picture of.

    Have a great day.


  2. I have lots of questions. I wanted to make BBQ ribs next week and was wondering the best way to do that. boil them first??? Can you email me the instructions when you have time so I can do mine the same way?? Mine are just ribs that came from the pigs we had butchered and not the grocery store. Will that make any difference?
    I love all the projects you have planned to do. Those slippers reminded me of a aunt that use to make me some when I was small.Your's are very pretty. My kids all have really small rooms too. My girls share a room so am always trying to think of new ways to oragnize their ever growing stuff. Hope you enjoy your new book when it comes in. I'll chat with you later.