Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday tib bits

Good day, it's another very bitter cold day. We woke up to -20 with the windshield. Burrr! It has only warmed up to -16, so it is a good day to stay in and keep a warm fire on and see what's new in the etsy world on the net. I found so much to add to my wish list. he is a few of my favorites.

I also got a very nice knock at the door last evening. It was from a friend who lives on the next road. His wife only bakes at Christmas time and had so much left over baking goods. She wanted me to have all of it as she said it would go bad before she uses it again. They brought a box full of chocolate chips (some bags not even open) coconut,dates,sweetened condenced milk,glazed cheeries,different nuts,butterscoth chips, bakers semi sweet chocolate blocks,and more. What a treat. I told HB that I wanted to make a batch of something and give it to them for all these goodies. She knows I do a lot of baking and said she really thought of me. 
HB called from work today and asked if I would like to go out for Supper tomorrow night. His work company pays for a supper twice a winter at our local skidoo lodge. The company gives their guys tickets.(which is a nice thing) They are having a Chinese Dinner. YUM! We did not go last year when they did it,as I was just not feeling well. 
Tonight we are having a roast of beef with gravy and potatoes,and veggies. (we were suppose to have this last night but with Hb away for work the girls and I had speghetti instead.) 
Justin should be coming home today from his grandparents as well. They worked on the bathroom reno there but spent a lot of there time making beef jerky. I can't wait to try hers. She makes hers with ground beef. 
Well it is that time of day to get a move on. Take care and stay warm.


  1. I hope that you can stay warm. The wind chill does make it worse.

    What a blessing to get all of that. I guess I can't imagine only baking once a year. Homemade is so much better.

    Have a great day.


  2. How nice of her to thank of you!Is that undies(thongs) or a hair thing in that last picture? Stop laughing at me...I can hear you :)
    Have a great time eating at the skidoo lodge. That sounds like lots of fun.

  3. I am laughing sooooo hard right now. But I guess your right,I should wrote under each one. It is a scarf. (But the fabric would make pretty panties)LOL