Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Packages In The Mail,And Tooth Trouble

Yesterday morning after blogging the snow and wind began to get worse. My Father called and said that he had spoke to a Bus driver in town and he was told to stay close to the phone. So I turned on my radio and waited to see if the schools would close. After about a half hour the weather changed it stopped snowing and the wind dyed down. So no luck.
Our supper of Penne was good last night. Everyone enjoyed it and I would make it again. The girls got ready for there group.
Jayne had finished off her bunny she is making for Easter out of Plastic canvas and did a great job.
These stitches were abit different from what ahe is use to doing. But caught onto it right away.
I am still working on the doll's fridge and Jill is working on her piece. (Pictures yet to come)

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Valerie the woman who runs the receiving department of our local general store. She told me that I had 2 parcels in. One being a order I had made for new running shoes for Jayne,and the other being a mail parcel. I was so surprised to go and see what it was. After taking the girls to there meeting and dropping them off.HB and I went to the store. It was a parcel from my friend who lives about 1 hour away and is 5 minutes from the Dollarstore in the city. She is always sending parcels of stuff from the dollarstore that she finds for all of us. (I love that store and wish I had one closer) She sent the weeones stuff this time. A new purse for Jill and all the goodies to go in it. Play money and coins,cell phone,lip gloss and a new coloring book. Jayne got 2 new pens that are mickey and minnie mouse that kiss(with the help of magnets) a new doodle pad book,and a new bag to carry it all in. Justin got some new pens,a new screwdriver,and a pair of socks. She is so good like that. When she does come to visit or we go there,I always bring her Yarn(as she loves to knit) I guess it is like a barting system. I will take some pictures tonight of all the goodies.
The other parcel for Jayne was her new PINK!!! converse running shoes. I had ordered for her 2weeks ago. She has needed new running shoes for inside at school and has really wanted a pair of converse high tops.
They did not have them in her favorite Lime Green so pink was the next best thing.......
After getting back home last night Jayne complained of a tooth ache all the way home. She said that one of her back teeth was ready to come out and it was hurting. Well after a lot of wining and having something for the pain. She went to bed and after 10 minutes came back down stairs and wiggled and wiggled and got Daddy to wiggle a little bit more and there it was problem solved. Tooth was out and pain was gone. Tooth fairy came and she is so happy.
Today I am going to pick them up at school and we are making homemade pizza and garlic fingers for supper. It is so cold out there that it will be a good night to stay in and stay warm with a fire. The girls will be playing with all there new stuff I am sure and Justin wants to play his TV game thing that has a hunting game on it. I on the other hand will curl up in my chair with my reading light and finish that fridge in plastic canvas. HB well I am sure he will hit the couch and watch some TV. (It has been a short but long first week back) and there is no other place I want to be tonight then right there.
Have a great weekend and stay good and warm everyone.

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  1. we had a snow day the day before yesterday! Today it's all melted away:)
    Have a great weekend!