Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Let me start this post by saying a big Thank you!!!!! to all of you who stop by and leave such nice comments. I have received so many and it makes me feel so good inside. (Highlight of my day)
The weather here has been more like Fall with cold wet and damp temps. It is so hard to get outdoors and do anything unless it is between rain.
The green house is coming along nice,and I love being in there.
The weeones are all doing well and seem to be blogging now a days more then me.
My Mother is still stable and I have been busy with all kinds of Lawyer stuff and trying to get things done for her.
I went to the Doctor on Monday and come to find out I have very high Blood pressure. (Where did that come from) I now need to go back in 3 weeks to see him again.
Hubby has been working a lot of overtime lately and finally has 2 days off. He has been trying to gather up the scrap in the yard to sell as it is that time of year again.
Justin has been doing well in school,and has been working with his Dad to try to clean up as well
Jayne is getting excited for the Gala event and I just went today to pick up her dress that had came in for it.
Jill is busy with her Blythe's dolls and changing her room around a bit.
All in all the Children are all getting excited for the end of School year. They have only a little over a month left. Then it is POOL TIME!
I am kinda getting that way too.
Again I want to say "Thank You" to all of you. It is so nice to read your lovely comments.
Have a great day!

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  1. I would think with all you have had going on, that would put your blood pressure high. I hope that you can get it down without medication. I read your entry, and then it disappeared. I was glad that it came back.

    Have a great weekend with your family.