Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tib bits

Well our cold snap has finally broke. Yesterday and today the temp got up to 4 degrees. Finally a little relief to the wood pile.
It still is so early for those cold temps.

Yesterday I had the girls home from school sick. Jayne had a terrible headache, and Jill was warm. Jill was feeling better today and went back to school, but Jayne still was not up to pare yet so she stayed home with me again.

We got the new primitive Christmas tree up in the dining room with our Western theme. I will get a picture of it soon and get it posted.
I washed the kitchen,and living room floors today as well.

I put some round steaks in the oven, with onion soup mix. I made a pan of fried rice,and a pan of beef fried Mac to go with it for supper.

I think I over did it s little today, as my lower back has been sore for awhile now and it is really bad tonight. I am going to call it a early night and crawl into bed with the hot water bottle.

Tomorrow I hope it is better,as I want to get a bit more cleaning done upstairs.


  1. I hope that Jayne feels better soon. We are putting up some decorations today.

    I hope that your back feels better in the morning.


  2. Hi, Jessica, I am sorry your girls haven't been feeling well. I hope Jayne is better today. I can't wait to see the picture of your primitive Christmas tree. Your other pictures turned out wonderful! I hope your back is feeling better this morning.


  3. Hope your back is feeling better soon. Our temps were near 80 last week! This week we have been in the 20's and climbing back up near 60 for the weekend. Odd weather for this time of year and it has everyone sick. I hope your girls are feeling better soon. I can't wait to see a picture of your tree. It sound beautiful. You asked about chicken pillows. You take cooked chooped chicken and shredded cheddar cheese and place them in a cresent roll and seal it up in a bundle. You put them in a dish and cover them with a mixture of cream of chicken soup and milk. I haven't tried them yet with the gravy but I know they are good without. I had forgotten about the recipe but Pinterest reminded me of it. Are you on Pinterest. I have been finding tons of new recipes. Hope you have a great day.