Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Picture Update

I sure wish I was more computer literate when it comes to my blog. I take a lot of my pictures with my iPhone, and or my IPad. I have tried to download my pics from my iPad,or iPhone while I'm writing my posts and they never show I always need to send my pics to my email and open and download them on our laptop. This sometimes makes me very very slow or late posting. I am sorry for this. So I sent all my updated fall pics to my laptop and finally.....

So without further ado......

The girls made a wonderful salsa

We finally got our pumpkin pies made.....

I am using up all the fall apples by making up apple crisps

I times my recipe by 4 and make 4 crisps at a time, as I get my foil trays in 4 packs.

The wood shed got underway thanks to Justin

I have switched to making my daily soups on our wood stove now.
hope you enjoy

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  1. Awesome idea about the foil trays. Do you then freeze them for later use? Jess and I have talked a little about doing that. Does it seem to work well for you all? Enjoy your day and God bless.