Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Fall

Fall is sure here. The mornings are cold and frosty. Fires are needed and by 1:00 it is nice and warm out. By 4:00 you can feel the differance in the air. By 7:00 the fires are needed again.

Fire wood is under way. The small wood shed is now full, and I cleaned the big one out and Justin has been busy spilting and piling.

Just when we thought tomatoes were done, we had more ripen in the house that left us with enough to make salsa. The girls did all the cutting up and they learned to make salsa.

It turned out great.

We got a little fall decorating done around the house.

I'm having trouble again with downloading my pictures on here. I wish I knew more about this stuff. But as soon as I get it figured out ill post them.

I spent the ending of the week cutting up pumpkin, cooking it, making pie crusts, and making pumpkin pie. They turned out good.
I ended up cooking my pumpkin in a roaster with a little water.

I also cooked some on the stove as well.

I really like the way the pumpkin turned out in the oven.

I purée it in the food processer and froze what I did not make into pies.

I was pretty tired after getting it all done. But those pies are sure worth all the work.

Thursday morning I got a pot of turkey soup on the wood stove to simmer away for the day. I got the kitchen cleaned up and then went ahead and got bread on to rise. Then I cleaned the kitchen again.We had chicken parmigiana Thursday night for supper with garlic bread, it was a hit the whole family loved it.

Friday it rained, and I felt terrible all day. I was very tired. My Dad had to go back to the hospital again as his stomach was so sore on Thursday. I thought he was going to take the day off Friday and get some rest,but nope, he went to work and I looked after my Mom.
I think all the stress was finally getting to me by Friday. I made garlic fingers and sweet potato fries for supper and relaxed on the couch before going to bed early.

Today I felt better. I took it slow this morning, I slept in and then had coffee on the couch and watched my cooking shows. The kids made there on breakfast, and Hubby went to the woods.

After I felt myself again, I did up all the baby carrots that were left in the garden. These were all the tiny ones. I left some out for our supper. I made sausages for lunch for the family. 

Then after getting all the barn work done we headed back to the gardens in the woods to dig our potatoes. Justin and Jill came to help us, while Jayne stayed home and made a boiled dinner for supper. 
We only got one out of the two gardens done. We have over 300 pounds already :)
If it dose not rain tomorrow we will dig the rest. If not it will be next week. 

Jaynes barn cat Aleena had 2 more kittens this afternoon as well in the hay mound. I am sure the girls will be out naming them first thing in the morning. 

We have a bear hanging around the yard a little to close. Justin seen him Friday and Hubby seen the prints this morning by the pumpkin patch. Then when we went back to the woods on the ATV we saw more tracks over Hubby's Backhoe tracks from when he went to cut wood this morning. 

Tomorrow morning we will have our usual Sunday morning brunch, then after all the house and barn work gets done I will do up another pumpkin. 

Hubby has to finish working on a body job on a jeep that he is doing in his spare time for a guy. 

Well time for this old girl to hit the sack. Take care my dear friends and happy blogging.

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  1. I thought for sure I put a comment on here the other day but I must have not published it. Anyway, we have been seeing bears close to home here as well. The boys (our two dogs) stay busy keeping everything away from the yard. I hope you feel better by now. God bless.