Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crazy Weather No Sign Of Spring

All it seems to do is snow. The temps have been still so cold. -25 to -30 degrees in the mornings and a high of only - 15 during the day.
As for snow, it has been stormed at least twice a week having  only children happy ( to have no school)
Today is another.....
We are expecting the the storm of the year today. Lots of snow with some places in our province getting as much as 50 + cms and 110 km winds. WOW
We are expecting for our area, about 20.+ cms with 80 to 100 km winds.
There is so much prepping to do when a storm like this comes our way. We spent last evening getting the barn ready, and making sure there is lots of staples in the house and dry firewood. We have the tub filled with water and 5 gallons buckets of water on hand.
The gas cans are full for the generator, and the tractor has lots of fuel. So I can say we are prepared.
Hubby and my Dad headed off to work this morning but I am sure they will back home early afternoon once the storm is underway.

Enough talk about the weather....

Let's talk barn babies.....
On Sunday morning Cinnie our toggenburg milking goat had her baby. We first thought it was a girl , but she was still very wet when hubby took a look. We called her Clover. BUT...... To our surprise Clover was a boy.....with a closer better look... I'm disappointed :( but he is still cute....

Our incubator has been producing  as well. Lots of little chicks day after day. The girls are having fun with them, and enjoying naming then all.

Little Frappy our toggenburg doe kid is still in the house. We are taking her out to the barn to meet with her new family a little every day. Cinnie is still giving her a hard time but we are hoping she will finally take to her. It has been so cold that we couldn't send her out yet. know your a real farmer, when you have farm animals living in your dining room.
Phoebe is doing really well with her calves, and she is giving us plenty of milk.
I have made butter, and whipped cream so far with the lovely cream I'm getting.mmmmm.....

In gardening news....
We have started our veggies in the house on my livingroom window sills. There is so much snow in front of and around the green house, and it has been so cold that I decided to try to start them in the house this year. I have both green,and red bell peppers started, brocolli,cauliflower,kale, oregano,basil, sage,and thyme.
I need to do a few others next week along with the tomatoes,and melons

Mom spent last week in the hospital she was dehydrated once again and needed a little IV boost.
She is back home again and feeling better.
I was able to get a little break and get some housework done throughout the day.

Well time to restock the fires, and get breakfast on. Potato patties, eggs, ham, and biscuits.
I also need to get a roast of pork into the slow cooker for pulled pork for supper. I am making pulled pork sandwiches with creamy potato and ham soup for supper. ( we had a ham on Sunday night for supper, and have been picking off of it since for sandwiches for the lunch boxes. But I will take the rest today and chop it in the soup and through the bone in for extra flavor.
Warm and comforting on a storm day :)
Have a wonderful day and stay safe and warm.
 I hope to get some pictures posted up soon as well.


  1. This will be known as "The Long Winter". :) I am so ready for it to be spring. I think I'll appreciate it as never before.

  2. Can't wait for winter to leave! Congrats on your little baby goat. :) We have 1month old chicks in our den! They need to go out soon!! Really soon!! Your homemade butter and whipped cream sound wonderful. I am so glad your mom is out of the hospital and felling better. We have only planted peas outdoors as far as the garden goes. I hope to plant lettuce and spinach this week.

    Have a great week.


  3. We have started our seeds as well. I'm glad all your babies are doing good and that your mom is feeling better. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. Hey, gal! Hope all is well with you and your family and all the baby animals are doing great. I haven't blogged in a long time either. If you are on facebook and want to add me we could keep in touch that way too.


  5. I am requesting prayer for my Hubby. He has been having trouble with urinary tract infection. His doctor sent him for a ct scan yesterday. The results shocked us. He has multiple masses on his liver, a large mass in his colon and a fistula that is connecting his colon to his bladder that should not be there. He is in the hospital now and they have done a biopsy on the liver. We are waiting for the results back from that and then they will determine a plan of action. We are holding on to the fact that the Lord is in control. We would so appreciate your prayers. God bless.