Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Happenings

Good Day, I hope you all are doing well. I hope all your homes are filled with joys and Christmas smells, children getting excited with the day getting close upon us.
I can not believe that 10 days have past since I last blogged. It has been crazy as usual around here on our little farm.
I am so sorry for not keeping up with my 25 Days of Christmas posts.
I will try and bring you up to date on what has been going on here.
Well we have tons of snow on the ground already.(no green Christmas here) with 3 storms in the past 2 weeks.
Making us hurry and get the rest of the hay brought home from the fields. We also had to hurry and finish up our winters wood. (with temps today getting as low as -20 here)
Christmas baking is wrapping up with only the egg rolls, and meat pies left to bake.
Mom had a terrible week last week,but is having a much better better weekend. (Praying every moment that it continues)
Wednesday night I had a flat tire after getting home from the hospital. So much for those new Winter tires.
Thursday morning after HB went and got a new tire put on the jeep, I went to the school for the day and gift wrapped for the Children's bazaar. (where each child can pick 4 gifts for there family members that have been donated either new or gently used items.)
HB brought home Jill a new kitten as she had lost hers to falling into the pool this fall. She has named her Buttons.
We finally  moved into our new addition Friday night. Still have no tree put up, but the decorations are slowly coming out of the boxes and being put out. (yes I know Christmas is a week away)
The gifts are getting wrapped, and I only am waiting on 2 parcels left to arrive in the mail.
I finally put the stamps on the Christmas cards that need to be mailed and will put them in the box in the morning.
The girls took there pictures with Santa at school Friday and I can't wait to see them. (another fund raiser for the grade 5 year end trip. $2 got there pics taken with Santa. as Wal mart develops them for free for the grade 5's.)
Tomorrow I need to put up the tree, and make egg rolls made.
Tuesday I am going with my Mother in law to deliver the gifts to family in the next town.
Wednesday I have a Christmas Dinner at the school and then the girls little concerts.
Thursday HB and my Mom in law and I are going to the next town to pick up a few last minute things.
Friday the weeones have a half day being done at 11 and we will pick them up and go for lunch, as HB is done Wednesday morning from night shifts until the 27th and then only goes back for 3 days and if off again until the 3rd.

As for Pictures well my battery in my camera will no longer charge. I need to go to town and get another before Wednesday's concerts.
I promise as soon as I get it I will update with pics.

Take care and I wish you all a great week.


  1. Hi! Sounds like you are having a wonderful Christmas! Nice, busy, and full. :) I hope your mom continues to get better.

    Have a great day.


  2. You have been busy. I hope that your mother is doing better this week.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  3. I'm so glad you posted. Glad you made it home instead of stuck on some side road with a flat! Hubby says I need 4 new tires for my SUV..*sigh*. Tires are so expensive!
    I know I've told you this tons of times..but it bears repeating *grin*...Your children sound like they go to a great school. They are always doing something with the parents included! Love that! Wish our local school system was like that. They are TERRIBLE..*shutter-shutter* (which is why I homeschool).
    So sorry your mom had a bad week and hope she has a better one this week.
    I bet Jill was so excited about her new kitten!I hope you all have a great week :)
    Cary ann